Johnson Family to Brazil

Johnsons to Brazil


The work of the Lord is never hindered! The church plant in Brazil continues to do well even in our absence. This past Saturday, there was one saved on visitation and this past Sunday there were four candidates for baptism. In addition, another round of discipleship for new converts has started. This month the church will hold its annual three-day winter VBS (yes, it is winter in the southern hemisphere—even though it will never get below about 75 degrees where we live). Last year, we were able to see dozens of children in attendance and with fewer COVID restrictions, that number should increase!


The past month has been slow on the health front. The nerve biopsy that the neurologist did on Naomi takes three weeks to get the results, so we should receive those in the next few days. They are looking for a condition called peripheral neuropathy and have started her on some medications to try to address what they think may be causing the problems. In any case, after consulting with the doctors, we understand that, even though we firmly believe that God can do anything, this situation may not result in the rapid recovery that we always hope for. That is not as discouraging as it might seem; we have plenty of examples in Scripture of the sufficiency of God’s grace. When we came back on emergency furlough the test results were leading us to believe that Naomi may have a terminal form of cancer, but they no longer believe that to be the case (praise God!). While whatever we are dealing with may be with us for a longer term than we had hoped, at this moment, it does not appear that she has a condition that is terminal. We are still seeking God’s guidance and doctors’ advice on what that means moving forward, but we are expecting to have more clarity when this current round of tests come back and she has had a few weeks to see how she adjusts to any medications that they prescribe.


At the end of the last letter, I asked you to pray about an idea that I had been working on since February. Well, thank you for your prayers, God has truly been working. The goal is always to use whatever situation we are in for God’s glory. Over the past few weeks, I have talked with the leadership of almost all the largest independent Baptist missions agencies, and they have all been very excited about what I have been working on. Missions21 is a way to connect pastors and missionaries, and to get missionaries to the field faster than ever before. Outside of our test groups and these missions agencies, you all are the first group to take a look. You can visit www. to see what everyone is very excited about. Thank you for your prayers. We look forward to sending another update soon.


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