Johnson Family to Brazil

Johnsons to Brazil

The trip back to Brazil went smoothly. Breaking the trip up and driving down to Florida was the right move for Naomi’s sake. She was still down for a few days afterward but was able to recover faster from this trip than the one back to the US last year.

The treatment that Naomi started receiving in our last update is almost over and has had mixed results. It did provide her with some days that were much better than the last year had been, but the results were inconsistent. Because it is a steroid, it can only be taken for a certain length of time and there is a dosage reduction period as well. As the dosage diminishes, it seems that there will not be many lasting benefits. But we still look forward to some other treatment options that may open up in the future.

We did arrive back in time to prepare for the church’s second year anniversary here in Brazil. We had a great weekend remembering what God has done here over the past few years. We were able to hit a record attendance of 104 people in our final service. This was punctuated by four hands raised during the invitation for salvation. Anniversary Sunday also started our first spring (yes, it is spring in the southern hemisphere) campaign which runs for a few more weeks. So far during the campaign, we have seen almost 50 first-time visitors in attendance and people raising their hands for salvation each week. We are excited to see the lasting effects that will come from this campaign.

Please continue to pray for us as we work to adjust to a new normal here in Brazil with the ministry, and with the health issues that we are still dealing with. We are working with a naturopathic doctor in the States, as well as doctors here to try to find alternatives that will move us forward. When Naomi’s current course of medication ends, we have an appointment with a neurologist here to work on future treatment options that have been reported to be effective. Our ministry team here has been great in working with us to allow us the time
we need to adjust and to work to get Naomi healthy again. God is still on the throne and in complete control. We have complete faith that He knows what we need. Thank you for your prayers.


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