Johnson Family to Macedonia World Baptist Missions

Johnsons to Brazil

March 31, 2023

One of the last things that we were looking forward to before our departure was our evangelistic conference. We scheduled it on the heels of Carnival (think Marti Graz multiplied by ten and then nationwide…) not knowing if people would respond after all the foolishness and lewdness that happened the week before. But, God showed up. We were able to break our highest attendance, which we had set this past anniversary by over 30 people. The first night, we had 147 in attendance and were able to average about 110 per night for the conference. We had many, many hands raised for salvation and in the services following have had many people return. Several people commented on how they did not believe that churches like this existed anymore. God truly blessed. I have always believed that reaching the northeast of Brazil would be the key to seeing revival in Brazil. I believe it to be more true than ever and there is much that needs to be done. We plan to remain involved in the work, albeit remotely, in many ways, including financially. We are also praying and looking for who God will call to take our place in northeastern Brazil.

As God continues to prove Himself, the devil continues to fight as well. Most of you have likely forgotten about the situation from almost five years ago with the boys that pushed over our gate and got hurt. If you remember, the parents of one of the boys sued us saying that it was our fault and that the gate fell over on him by itself as he was walking by. That situation is still unresolved and a court date has now been set for April 11, 2023. Fortunately, it will be done virtually over the internet and I will not have to return to Brazil for that date. Unfortunately, because of the amount of time that has passed, we are not able to locate our primary witness as he has moved without a forwarding address and his cell phone no longer works. Please continue to pray that the truth would shine forth in this situation.

Even with the heartache of leaving our ministry here, we are excited about the new door that God has opened for us. We are looking forward to getting back and getting started in our new role. Many of our churches that have decided to stand with us in this new ministry have asked us to come by and report out on what God has done and what we are expecting him to do. We are also looking forward to seeing many of you again before too long! Please remain fervent in our prayers for us, especially for Naomi’s health. We are so thankful for each of you!


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