Johnson Family – West Indies Field Director and Deputation Director

The days seem to have accelerated since our last update! Six weeks have passed in a blink, but it is clear that God is working. If you remember back to April, we had asked for prayer for a young man name DJ who talked with me after teaching at a youth rally. He told me that he had been wrestling with God and that God spoke to his heart through the message. Well, he called me a few weeks ago and told me that he has surrendered to going to the mission field and asked me what he should do next! I was so excited that it took me a moment to realize that I did not actually know what he needed to do next! Who would have thought I needed to learn this so quickly.

I also had a chance to attend the West Indies Baptist Fellowship conference earlier this month. At the conference there were pastors present from many of the islands and I was able to talk extensively with several of them about the needs of their countries. Two pastors in particular from Trinidad and Tobago told me of the tremendous need for missionaries in their country. They talked to me about the stronghold that Hinduism has and the need to plant more churches. One of the pastors, Pastor Cooper, told me that he is pastoring two churches and his wife is working full time, and there are more areas that need churches. They made me promise to not only come down to see for myself, but to also recruit more missionaries to help them reach their country of over one million people.

Not only have we seen God working in the role as a field director, but also in the role of deputation director. This past month I was able to reach out for the first time to each of our missionaries that are raising support. During one particular conversation the missionary, who has been on deputation for two years and has only reached 40% of his support told me, “Bro. Johnson, I am so glad to have you in this role. Things have been tough, and I did not know what to do next. God may have brought you here just to help me.” You see, Macedonia has not had a deputation director in almost 10 years. Before you ask, “Why haven’t they just hired a new one?”, you have to remember that directors not only must have the desire and skill to do such a role but must also raise their own support. Because many churches do not understand how important a role directors play in helping missionaries get to and stay on the field, finding someone to fill a role like this can be challenging. We thank God for each of our wonderful supporters, which see the need for where God has placed us!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Naomi’s health. It has been a tough month for her, but she is recovering from some sickness and on a good track. God is working! We love and appreciate you all.


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