Eustace and Tracie Kariuki to Kenya

Eustace and Tracie Kariuki to Kenya

Dear Pastor and Cornerstone Baptist Church,

Psalm 119:125 “I am thy servant; give me understanding, that I may know thy testimonies.” We are living in oppressive times. Instead of looking at the circumstances and all the things around you that bring you down, look beyond those things and see your Master, the Lord Jesus Christ! Have the heart of servanthood. The servant doesn’t fix everything, but the Master does. Let us all keep our eyes on the Master during this Christmas season and obey Him.

Ministry in Kenya has been very busy these last two months. We are wrapping up things for this semester at the Bible College before the students break for Christmas and New Year. I have been teaching Modular classes. In the last two weeks, we have travelled with the missionary we work with to West Pokot which is on the west side of Kenya. We had the opportunity to teach at their Bible institute, issue out diplomas at their graduation ceremony, and dedicate their new church building. The national pastor heading up that work in West Pokot was trained at out Bible College here in Nairobi. We also crossed the border into the neighboring country of Uganda where this church from West Pokot has started a new church plant to reach the Karamojong and Pokot people of the region neighboring Kenya.

I also met with the owner of the property that we are interested in for a church plant. It is still available, but he wants all the money upfront before any work begins. So far, the Lord has provided 57% of the funds needed to purchase this property for a church plant. If the Lord leads you to give towards this course, please send the check to CMC and designate the amount for church property.

We praise the Lord that I passed the naturalization test and now waiting for the swearing in ceremony. Tracie made it through her allergy testing despite her dislike for needles. She will be starting allergy desensitization shots on the 22nd of this month. Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for your faithful support! May you all have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Serving Him,
Eustace and Tracie Kariuki


  • Medical concerns to be resolved before we return to Kenya.
  • Pray with us that the Lord will provide the remaining needed funds for the church property.
  • The new students planning to join Bible college here in Nairobi.
  • More opportunities to reach our neighbors with the Gospel.

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