Lowrie Family to Croatia

If you have ever gone to a church fellowship or family reunion and overloaded your plate with WAY too much food then thought “I cant eat all of this” but you did because it was SO GOOD and then you were exhausted…well that explains our June!

It was certainly a VERY busy month but it was SO GOOD. We praise The Lord for all that HE allowed and all that He has done. We are so very thankful for the people of New Life here in Zagreb and their participation and support along with very special thanks to all of those that came with Baptist Couriers for Christ. We are privileged to support the Jeremy Ingalls family who represent BC4C and all that was done couldn’t have been done without those who came from the US to help. THANK YOU!

We are now following up in these areas with additional outreach both physically and thru social media. We have several who have received the initial Bible study lessons. Please continue to pray for all of The Seed that was sown that The Lord would continue to use it in the lives of those who received it. Here is a summary from each of the 3 areas:

  • Špansko (Zagreb) 9000 J & R Over 11.000 fliers 115 Bibles App 400-500 people came
  • Volovčica (Zagreb)8000 J & R App 10000 fliers 72 Bibles App 150-250 people
  • Split App 8000 fliers & tracts App 25 visitors to the Bible Conference 4 professions of faith


Other News/Prayer Requests

  • Our family is moving across town
  • We will return to the US for 6 wks in Sept/Oct.
    1. Our twin GRANDdaughters are due during this time. Pls pray for health & safe delivery.
    2. I will be a part of the 40th Anniversary of Calvary Baptist Church in Edmond, OK where I last pastored in the US.
    3. Lucas has now graduated & he will stay to begin life in the US
  • Permanent Residency Application Process
  • We are planning our first furlough in early 2023 but the length thereof will be dependent upon the permanent residency status.
  • Pray for my wife’s ailing & elderly parents


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