Lowrie Family to Croatia

Please rest assured we are NOT leaving the field and we plan to stay in Zagreb by His grace for a long time. BUT there are big changes ahead as the picture says. So now that I have your attention and addressed the dreaded fear let me explain.

  • New Home
  • New Granddaughters
  • New Visitors — We had 8 first time visitors on Aug 7th (4 from the US and 4 local)
  • Empty Nest Ahead

Praise/Prayer Requests

  • We have settled into our new home and are completely finished with the other house but we have boxes and then some more boxes lol.
  • London & Lorelai came 10 weeks early and they are now 3 weeks old and continuing to improve steadily. Thank you for praying and please keep it up.
  • Lucas will be staying in Texas and working in the construction field. He has need of a dependable vehicle (preferably a truck) If you know of anything please contact us!
  • My wife’s dad is currently in ICU, has a mass on his lung, and they believe it to be stage 4.
  • Please pray for those that attend New Life and for the church as we are away. Thankful for Bro. Thomas Isaacson from our home church (and others) for filling in.
  • We are planning our first furlough in early 2023 but the length thereof will be dependent upon the permanent residency status.


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