Lowrie Family to Croatia

If you have been reading our letters or following our ministry, you will know that one of the things that has kept us more busy than I anticipated is our care for Francois’ Family. I mentioned in last month’s update that Adonis and the 2 oldest kids had all lost their jobs and they would become homeless on Dec. 1st. After much prayer, trying to investigate online, and talking with numerous people in Croatia, and in surrounding countries we decided to take Adonis, the kids, and their lug- gage to the main border crossing point mentioned above. I had prepared a letter from our church explaining their situation and simply requested if Slovenia would allow them to transit through and make their way to Belgium. The border agent was very hateful, screamed and yelled , and then entered each of them into the system for “illegally attempting to enter the Schengen Zone”. I tried to tell him that we were simply making a request and trying to do things right. I was quickly scolded and told that I had don’t nothing right. We were threatened with fines and now there is a note on their official records. All of this could have been avoided if he would have simply said Im sorry but you cannot do this and you must go back to Croatia. We were not trying to smuggle them across, it was in broad daylight, on the main highway, and the chief border crossing???

I certainly do not understand all of the circumstances but God is still on the throne! One thing that is a “blessing” was also another trial. Shortly after this happened, the oldest boy, Negus began to cough up blood in the middle of the night, was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with…tuberculosis! He was in serious condition in the ICU for several days but now is doing much better and should be released from the hospital soon. Thankful that he was here and not in transition when this happened. We have taken extra safety measures for the rest of the church family and Adonis and the other children are being monitored.

Other Updates:

November Average — 18 (2 first time visitors)
Connie & I celebrated our 36th Wedding Anniversary
Nov. 26th was our 1st (of 3 planned) Christmas Market Outreach We were able to pass out app. 175 Bibles and 250 Christmas tracts


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