Lowrie Family to Croatia

We had our annual Church Christmas Party after the morning services the week before Christmas with “party foods”, games, prizes, and great fellowship. It was a special blessing to have Sarah and Charissa (our missionary helper and intern respectively) to do all of the preparation etc for the party. A good growing experiment for them but also a blessing for us.

Christmas Day we had homemade cinnamon rolls before church then a mini concert of special music, a shorter service, followed by hot chocolate and homemade cookies.

Zagreb is known to have one of the world’s top Christmas Markets and this year is no exception. Because Janu- ary 8th is Orthodox Christmas the market is still open and we hope to enjoy it one more time. We have held 2 Market Outreach events and been able to give out about 200 Bibles, app. 4-500 Christmas traces, and visit with several people.

Furlough Preparations

As previously mentioned, we have been planning our first furlough since our arrival in 2017. We have made a few trips back to the US with 3 funerals and Lucas’ return to the states. We were able to visit some churches dur- ing that time but this is our first actual furlough with the intent to report to many of our supporting churches. Our short 90 day furlough will encompass a few times at our home church, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, and Illinois primarily with stops in Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana. We also have a quick 6 days in Texas to see our kids & GRANDs!

Much of our time recently was spent working on final preparations for our fur- lough. We have 2 families/couples coming to cover the work therefore a lot of logistics for their entry, stay, and provisions for that time. Finalizing our sched- ule, making reservations for flights, rental car, accommodations, and meetings has been good but busy. I have been working thru plans for the ministry and those coming including 6 months of schedules to encompass special music, church family lunch, Bible studies, Outreach & other church activities.

Special Blessing

I have been blessed and encouraged by the spiritual growth in the small core group. It has really been exciting to see what God is doing in their lives. Please pray especially for Igor, Alen, Frana, and Jamil. Igor and I had been talking for several months, we went over his thoughts and outline together and on December 28th, Igor preached for the first time! He did a great job and who knows what The Lord may do in and through his life here in Croatia!

UPDATE—Francois’ Family

Adonis and the kids are still with us but we have had more difficulties as Negus was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. He spent all of December in the hospital and was just released on 1/4/2023.
We are hopeful that they will be able to head to Belgium in mid to late January.


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