Lowrie Family to Croatia


Off to a rough start…we arrived in St. Louis on Feb. 15th after almost a 3-hour delay in Frankfurt and hundreds of flights being cancelled. Our flight was one of VERY few that made it out. A construction worker hit an underground cable that shut down ALL of Lufthansa Airlines in all of Germany. We boarded the plane knowing that our luggage would not be loaded. Then the Frankfurt airport went on strike on Friday….ugh. We went nine days without our luggage, had to drive back to St. Louis HOPING it would be there and finally after an hour of searching we recd it then headed to Arkansas for the beginning of our furlough after spending some time at the Living United Couples Retreat and with our home church, Wilson Creek BC in Brookline. MO.

We are currently in the US for a fast & furious 90 day furlough, our first furlough in almost six years. We covet your prayers for safety in travel, for the work back in Zagreb, and that The Lord would be magnified through each and every service that we get to be a part of.

Unfortunately and obviously we will not be able to make it to each of our supporting churches. We do appreciate each and every one and we covet your continued prayers. We are mailing some of our new prayer cards for you to make available to your prayer warriors. If you have not already recd this package, it is still being processed.

We are also including a link to our UPDATE VIDEO which is about 8-9 minutes in length.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1in7ppNtqV96DJ1LTDc-IMOVOdLXZaISh/view? usp=share_link

Prayer Request – On January 1st Croatia entered the Schengen Zone of the EU. It appears that it may cause us some unanticipated issues with our visa so we appreciate your prayers. We return to Zagreb in mid-May and we have two summer interns arriving on the 24th. Please pray for The Lord to use this time in a great way in the lives of AnnaLisa and Luke.

Thank you! The Lowries


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