Lowrie Family to Croatia

The first Sunday of April was our last day for services in Florida and both churches were a blessing. Smaller congregations each facing challenges and yet special blessings to us. The young man to the left is James. James is a high functioning autisitic fellow with such a wonderful heart and spirit. His desire and determination to serve The Lord in whatever ways that he can was a challenging encouragement to us. He is now own his own because he has no family to care for him after their deaths, he works two jobs, is very simple minded, and yet WOW what an encouragement! He loves The Lord and it is plain to see and hear not just because he will tell you but he will show you!. Please notice his lapel pin that reads USHER. He serves the Lord with gladness. Oh that more of us had the same heart and desire t be a blessing to others and to serve The Lord with the same heart!

We left Florida on April 4th and my wife and I were able to stop in Charleston, SC which is a place that we had never been before. It wasn’t too far out of the way and we had heard many people talk about its beauty and history. I was even able to pull off a surprise and took my bride on a carriage ride around the historical center of the city. We travelled on to stop in the Wilkesboro, NC area and be with Pastor Donnie Shumate and the people of Bethel BC. Bethel BC had taken us on for support during the pandemic and we had never even been there before and so it great to finally meet them in person. We spent most of the rest of the month of April visiting numerous supporting church in Virginia and Mary- land. Bethel BC in LaPlata, Maryland had services on Sunday Morning then lunch and an afternoon service planned. This allowed us to fly from Baltimore to Dallas on Sunday night and we were able to meet up with our kids and GRANDS to spend the next 5 days together! WHAT A TIME WE HAD! Lots of laughs, food, games, fun, and making memories together.



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