Lowrie Family to Croatia

The month of March took us thru Arkansas, Tennessee, down to Georgia, and on to Florida…the first long portion of this fast and furious furlough.

One of the great blessings of furlough is getting to be back in churches that we visited on deputation and to renew acquaintances, see old friends, and meet new friends. Most of the churches that we were in during this trip are churches that have been supporting us since deputation. WHAT A PRIVILEGE it was and is to once again say THANK YOU for the faithful prayers and financial support.

We knew that we would go through Tennessee and so we made plans to visit Charissa again and to meet her family in person for the first time. Several of you have asked about her and we are glad to report that she is doing well. Please continue to pray with her and for her as she moves forward in her life and service to The Lord. She is currently working for a Christian school and plans to take additional courses to help her advance in graphics & social media so that she can grow her ministry to help churches and missionaries with this part of ministry.

It was also a special blessing to meet Pastor James Burke for the first time in person. He and I meet through the “House to House” group that was formed on FB during the pandemic. It was started to encourage Christians (and anyone else) through preaching and teaching every day of the week. Several pastors and a few missionaries would go online to take The Word of God from “House to House”. There was also a Marco Polo group from all of us who were preach- ing/teaching. He and I became friends and we were finally able to meet in person. His church is in Georgia and was along the way and they were so gracious to have us present our ministry to the people of Croatia. Every opportunity to be in each church was a blessing but this was just extra special since we had not ever met in person and yet we “knew” each other,

We DO PRAISE THE LORD for the opportunity to be in 10 churches in Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida in the month of March including two Missions Conferences. The Lord blessed us with sweet services, wonderful fellowship, safety in travels, and even two new supporting churches!


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