Lowrie Family to Croatia

Exciting Blessings

When I sent out our prayer letter last month, I mentioned in the email itself that we had some exciting news to share in our next letter so Ill get right to it!

June 18th was the last Sunday the Munsons were with us. After we took them to lunch, my wife and I went back to the church to get our things and a man walked in the door (This is a time when we are “never” at the church…but God). I spoke with him via English and Croatian and decided it best to call Igor to come back to the church. Igor came, we talked a lot more ,and I was able to explain The Gospel to him. Goran (the man on the middle) prayed to receive the free gift of eternal life!! Praise the Lord!! He has been pretty faithful to come to services but he needs much prayer. I thought we were going to lose him one day when he came before services and told me that he probably wouldn’t continue to come. He left before services but we talked some more that day and I was surprised but excited to see him return on the next Wednesday. There is such a spiritual battle to keep believers here away from church but especially new converts. Please pray for more fruit and fruit that abides and abounds.

Alen Čerepinko is one of the two men that I have Bible studies with two times each week (he and Igor above). It has been very exciting to see the growth in both of their lives. Alen stepped up and he leads the singing in our services. He is a faithful for Outreach, activities, special music, and is just a blessing all around. Not long after our return from our short furlough, Alen asked me if we could meet and he could talk with me. He had originally mentioned later in the week but I told him that I would be available later that day (Sunday) if he would like. We agreed to meet that evening and walk to a park down the street from the church to visit. Alen said that evening “Pastor, you have told me how The Lord called you to Croatia but how do you know if God is calling you to preach?” We talked for a long while, I challenged him to spend time in prayer and fasting to seek clear direction and peace from The Lord. He later told me that God has indeed confirmed his call to preach and his desire to follow God’s plan for his life, to keep learning, and growing. I am very excited about what God may do through Alen right here in Croatia. A national man Fully surrendered to do His will and preach The Gospel! Please pray for Alen. He has some challenges to overcome and is already facing battles including the loss of his job just this last week. Please pray that The Lord will help me to help them!

Thank you SO much! Brad & Connie Lowrie

This highlights the city of Šibenik, Croatia.


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