Mallard Family to Australia

Mallard Family to Australia

Dear Pastors, Churches, and Prayer Partners,

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is halfway over and that it has been three years since our first trip to Australia. When our family landed in Australia in 2018 not one of us had any idea that within a little over a year later we would be preparing to go back on a permanent basis. However, that is exactly where we found ourselves. God did some amazing work in the hearts of our family on that trip. He called me to go back as a missionary all the while preparing my wife and daughters to go back as well. From the time He confirmed that call in my life until now that is what we have been working towards. My time to be in Australia was yesterday, but God’s timing is not so! His ways and thoughts are definitely higher than ours. We praise the Lord for His goodness and grace as we travel seeking to share the burden and call He has placed upon our hearts for Western Australia. The months of May and June were spent in MO, AR, TX, IA, and I am writing this update from ND. We just arrived in ND and will be spending most of July in this area.

While we have traveled many miles these last two months and have been with some good pastors and churches we have also experienced life along the way. By that I mean, just because we are traveling from church to church doesn’t mean that life is on hold. What do I mean by that you might say? In the last two months we have had a daughter enter into a courtship with a fine young man, we have had a daughter graduate from high school, we have had a daughter turn 16 with hopes of getting her drivers license, and we have had a daughter become potty trained! These are some major steps in the life of our family. We also experienced the attempted theft of our vehicle while parked at a hotel. They broke into the vehicle and jammed a screwdriver into the ignition but was unable to start the vehicle. Then they proceeded to steal everything inside. Just a word to the wise, don’t encourage your wife and girls to pack up everything except what they are going to wear the next day so you can load it early! The thieves stole all our hanging clothes, a suitcase full of clothes, and all my tools. While a bit inconvenient nothing that can’t be replaced. We praise the Lord for His protection and provision along the way! Thank you to the churches who sent special offerings to replace what was stolen.

We are still scheduling meetings for 2021, while working towards the goal of heading to the field by the end of this year or first of next. Please pray that the support and the VISA process would come together at just the right time. Please contact me if you would like us to share the burden God has placed upon our hearts for the people of Western Australia. I would like to thank those that pray for us and for those that have begun to support us financially. We look forward to representing you on the field of Australia as soon as possible.

In Christ, The Mallards

Prayer Requests:
1) Riah’s therapy
2) Deputation Travels
3) Blessing to Churches
4) Supporting Churches (75%)
5) Visa Paperwork

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