Mallard Family to Australia

Mallard Family to Australia

Dear Pastors, Churches, and Prayer Partners,

We finished up our meetings in ND and MN in the month of July. I wanted to say a special thank you to Fargo Baptist Church, Bible Baptist Church in Crookston, and Bible Baptist Church in Grand Forks for allowing us to park our camper on your property for extended periods of time. It’s a blessing to be able to park in one location and travel from there. Our family really enjoyed our time up north. We were able to be in 8 churches. One of the highlights of our time was being able to attend Family Camp with Bible Baptist Church of Grand Forks. We were challenged and refreshed throughout that week. While we enjoyed our time we were also ready to get back to our home church. This is not recommended, but we drove all night to get there. Little did we realize but we would end up spending almost all of August in Springfield with our home church. We had scheduled to be there for our church’s Outdoor Revival and Ladies Conference, what we didn’t schedule was my wife getting COVID. We were exposed the first part of August and she began symptoms shortly thereafter. Thankfully she recovered in a little over a week and no one else in the family got sick. Another major event in the month of August was the selling of our travel trailer. I am very thankful for the Lord allowing us to purchase the trailer, but I’m equally (or maybe a little more) thankful the Lord allowed us to sell it. It served it’s purpose, but 300 square feet with six people gets tight from time to time. September began with our church’s Ladies Conference. My wife and girls were thankful to get to attend. At the close of the Conference a young man appeared out of no where and asked our oldest, Taylor, to marry him. My wife and I weren’t surprised, but Taylor sure was. They will be getting married in December of this year. We are excited for them as they begin their lives together serving the Lord. We were able to be in 5 churches in MO,KS, and CO during September. The day we arrived in CO I received a call that my dad was in critical condition. Although we had a missions conference and another church to be in we made to decision to go and be with him and my mom. My dad is still very low and is not long for this world. Would you please pray for him and for my mom as well please. (Bob & Shirley Mallard).

We are starting to schedule meetings for the first part of 2022. The travel restrictions in Australia have pushed our goal for heading to the field till likely spring of 2022. Please pray that the support and the VISA process would come together at just the right time. Please contact me if you would like us to share the burden God has placed upon our hearts for the people of Western Australia. I would like to thank those that pray for us and for those that have begun to support us financially. We look forward to representing you on the field of Australia as soon as possible.

In Christ, The Mallards

Prayer Requests:

  1. Riah’s therapy
  2. Deputation Travels
  3. Blessing to Churches
  4. Supporting Churches (80%)
  5. Visa Paperwork

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