Mallard Family to Australia

Mallard Family to Australia

Dear Pastors, Churches, and Prayer Partners,

Since we began deputation it has been my intention to prevent as much criss- crossing the country as I could. Well, these last two months could well be described as criss-crossing. We began the month of March in Derby, KS with Pastor Reeves and the folks of North Woodlawn Baptist Church. We had a wonderful time with this pastor, his family, and the church. The following week my wife and I made a quick trip to Colorado Springs, CO to be with Lighthouse Baptist and Pastor Scholz. We had been with them back in September of 2021, but that’s when my dad got very sick and we had to leave early. We also enjoyed staying with the Rodreguiz family while we were there. This is a family we went to church with back in the late 90’s at Calvary Baptist Church in Knob Noster, MO. Following our Colorado trip were able to spend two Sundays with our home church. It was a blessing getting to be a part of the various ministries with our church family. Emma was able to attend a youth meeting, my wife and Molly attended a Ladies night out with the ladies of the church, and I was able to attend a ‘Man Camp’ as well as a Missouri Preacher’s meeting hosted by one of our supporting churches (Calvary Baptist, Nixa, MO). The last week of March we headed to TX. We were blessed to be a part of the Missions Conference of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Missouri City, TX. It was a blessing getting to know Pastor Ellis and the church.

When we left TX on the 4th of April we were able to make it back for our home churches Missions Conference. We also were allowed to spend Easter Sunday at Berean. Outside of the first couple of days the majority of the month of April was spent in Missouri. On April 25th we headed out making our way towards Florida. This trip had a two-fold purpose. We were invited to share our burden for Western Australia with Pastor Nance and Southside Baptist Church in Tampa as well as pull a trailer to Naples that contained our oldest daughters things. When we arrived in Naples we were greeted by Taylor with a picture of an ultra-sound. We found out that she was going to have a baby. Needless to say we were both shocked and excited. Please pray for her and the baby.

There are a couple more health related issues I would ask you to pray for. Our daughter Emma just got her braces off and we were informed she needs her wisdom teeth out. Pray that we can get this taken care of soon and that all goes well. The other matter is concerning my wife. Back in February she began having some heart related issues. She has had a couple tests and is due to have another one on May 16th. We would appreciate your prayers for this test as well as some clarity on what is going on.

Please continue to pray that the support and the VISA process would come together at just the right time. Please contact me if you would like us to share the burden God has placed upon our hearts for the people of Western Australia. To those that pray for us and support us financially we look forward to representing you on the field of Australia as soon as possible.

In Christ, The Mallards

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