Mallard Family to Australia

Mallard Family to Australia

Dear Pastors, Churches, and Prayer Partners,

Our travels on the deputation trail seemed to slow a bit in May and June. I have to be honest, it was a welcomed slow down. We have been traveling for just over two and a half years and have been in right at 140 churches. Needless to say we are a little road weary. Little did I realize that this ‘slow’ down would turn into several doctor’s appointments and tests for my wife. I would like to thank those that have reached out to me about her and for those who have prayed for her. As I reported in our last update she has been dealing with some heart related issues. After several tests the doctor concluded that her issues are related to effects from COVID. In the last two years she has had COVID three times. The Cardiologists we seen said that he has had several cases like this in the last two years. I would ask that you continue to pray as there is no treatment for this and they really don’t know how long the related symptoms will last. Thankfully in the last couple weeks she seems to be improving some. I also mentioned in our last update that Emma would be needing her wisdom teeth removed. She is scheduled to have them removed on July 18th. Please pray that everything goes well.

Thank you for your prayers for our Visa situation, this has proven to be the biggest challenge of getting to Australia. When I surrendered to go to Australia three years ago there was what was called a Religious Visa that allowed permanent residency. As I mentioned in one of our last updates, we began working with a Migration Agent, basically a migration attorney. We have corresponded several times the last two months. He has been a help in understanding this process more thoroughly. However in our last correspondence he informed me that there have been many changes in the Religious Visa we were hoping for and in migrating to Australia in general since COVID. He went on to tell me that the Permanent Resident Religious Visa is no longer available. The one they offer now is only good for two years and cannot be renewed. Also the sponsoring church has to be a ‘Government Approved’ church. This was not the news we were expecting. I have messaged with four pastor/missionaries in Australia that have confirmed this to be true. There is one more option we have been working on and that’s a work Visa. I have been in the HVAC/R field for the last 25 years. Trades of all kinds are lacking in Australia. This is obviously not our desired option, but it might allow us into the country with a pathway to permanent residency. Please pray with us regarding this matter. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me.

Also, please contact me if you would like us to share the burden God has placed upon our hearts. To those that pray for us and support us financially we look forward to representing you on the field that God has called us to as soon as possible.

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