Mallard Family to Poplar Bluff, MO

Churches, Pastors, and Prayer Partners,

I trust this update finds things well with you and your church family. We sure appreciate your prayers during this time of transition in our lives. Some have commented that it must be very discouraging not getting into Australia, to which I reply that yes it was a bit discouraging, but I can honestly say that I have complete peace knowing that we did everything that was required of us but the door just wouldn’t open. Since the time of our last update the Mallard family has been in a whirlwind. The Lord allowed us to sell our house in Springfield the same day we listed it. We closed on that house August 25th and moved our things to Poplar Bluff that evening. We also see the Lord’s hand in providing a house for us in Poplar Bluff as well. We moved all our things into the garage and began the cleaning, painting, and nesting phase if you know what I mean. I got some very good advice from a fellow church-planter that I have taken to heart. He said before you begin to plant the church you must plant yourself. So for the last 3 weeks we have been planting ourselves, I wanted to get my wife and girls settled in our house. We have accomplished that for the most part and we are settling into a routine. Home school has been going well for Emma and Riah. Another part of the whirlwind in our family is an addition. For the last 2 months we have had Riah’s little brother (Elijah). He is 4 years old and in need of some love, care, and discipline. We don’t know how long he is going to be with us, but sure would appreciate your prayers in this matter.

As for the work here in PB, we have been seeking a place to meet to hold services. Now that we are settled in our home we are hoping to focus more on this in coming days. There are some store-front possibilities as well as an old Sears building in town we are looking into. We have been given some chairs and are excited to see the Lord provide a place to put those chairs. As I said in our last letter, we have hopes of holding services by January 2023. However, if the Lord would provide a place to meet we could move that date up some. Please pray.

Hopefully all of our supporting churches have received our letter as well as a letter from Pastor Ables regarding our transition. If you haven’t received these letters please let me know. Also if you have received them could you let me or Pastor Ables know what your intentions are for future support. This will allow us to know better how much we can plan on spending for rent for a meeting place. We have had some response and are thankful for that. Thank you for those that have continued to pray and support our family financially.

In Christ, The Mallards

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