Mallard Family to Poplar Bluff, MO

Dear Pastor and Churches, 

“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.”

We are truly glad that the LORD has allowed us to have been in His house this past month. There is just something about assembling with God’s people for worship and fellowship. Our God knew exactly what we needed when He had Jesus Christ start the church. We have had some blessings take place recently.

One of the challenges has been getting our name in the community. We of course have been canvassing and passing out tracts, we are looking for other ways to get the word out that we are here. The Lord has blessed us with a good location to meet; it is on a main road with a lot of traffic that passes each day. A while back I started driving a school bus for the local school district. This puts me around 35 or so drivers, 65 students, as well as some teachers and administrators. Speaking of administrators, I was recently blessed to be invited to open the Poplar Bluff school board meeting in prayer. I had the opportunity to meet several people from the area that night and introduce them to Liberty Baptist Church.

The six that I mentioned in our last update continue to be faithful to all services. Those that are physically able are faithful also to the outreach of the church as well as giving. I am blessed to report that this past Wednesday night we had two more join with us in membership. The Mitchells moved here in June of 2022. They came to our first service and have been coming ever since. I am excited to see how the Lord uses them in this body. We continue to have visitors as well. We ask you to pray that God would send the very ones He wants to our services.

Our church was also tremendously blessed financially since our last update. We were able to attend the church planters conference at Heartland Baptist Bible College. While there I was invited to give a testimony about what’s taking place in Poplar Bluff. We were overwhelmed when they begin taking up an offering for our church and over $21,000 was promised. The overwhelming part was seeing individuals from five or six years old to senior saints and all in between stand up and commit 5, 10, 25, or 50 dollars. The generosity of God’s people was humbling. This helped us pay for some start up cost as well as gives us a head start on saving for a building or property as the Lord provides. It also can be used to help with rent in these early stages.

Lastly, we were blessed to have had Dr. Carl Boonstra with us for a Sunday morning service. Soon to be 98 years young and as been preaching the Word of God 75 years. While he has some health challenges physically you wouldn’t know it spiritually. He preached our Sunday morning service with passion for both the Word of God, church planting, and the lost. Oh that I would be found faithful after 75 years!

Thank you so much for those that pray for us and also for those that support us financially. I want to thank Faith Baptist in Crawfordsville, IN and Cornerstone Baptist Church in Jamestown, ND for the love offering for our children. What a

blessing! I look forward to reporting on what God is doing here to you next month. In Christ,

The Mallards

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