Mallard Family to Poplar Bluff, MO

Dear Pastor and Churches,

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I reported on the church plant in Poplar Bluff, MO. They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and we have had some fun serving the Lord here this past month. Likely, the highlight of the month of March was a group of young men (Levi, Malachi, Will, Gabe, and Dominick) that came for a visit. They arrived on a Friday evening and stayed until Monday morning. Thank you to North Liberty Baptist Church in North Liberty, Iowa and Pastor Tom Gibson for allowing these young men to come. What a blessing they were to our family and our church folks. Even this last week in services one of our ladies testified how good it was to have these young men with us. We had a lot of fun and fellowship, but they also worked hard. On Saturday we were able to get out around 750 door hangers that includes our church info as well as the Gospel. I am happy to report that on that Sunday morning we had a first time visitor! She had received one of our door hangers, what a blessing to our church, but also to those young men that labored the day before. Please pray for Ms. Paula, she came back this past Sunday as well. We have also had a couple that has visited the last two Sunday nights. They have an Independent Baptist background, but right now are in a southern Baptist church. We will see what the Lord does in their hearts. We had another one join our mission this month. We praise the Lord for Ms. Jan Adams. She has already been such a blessing and encouragement to our church. We now have four members besides our family.

Another exciting thing to report is we have begun to put together some personalized John and Romans to pass out in our community. We were able to get the individual pieces and have begun assembling them before our Wednesday night services. We will also be able to staple and cut them ourselves thanks to Calvary Baptist Church in Campbell, MO allowing us to use their equipment to accomplish this task. Doing them ourselves allows even more hands on involvement in reaching our town with the Gospel. It also introduces our folks to the Scripture ministry. There is just something about handling the Word of God knowing that it will be placed in someones hands that might have never touched a copy. Only God knows what the result will be, but I know that His Word will not return void! Please pray as we put together a packet containing a John & Romans, church tract, and a home Bible study invitation for each home in our area. Please pray as we seek to sow the Word of God all over this community, water it, cultivate it, pray over it, and watch for the harvest. I look forward to reporting on what God is doing here to you next month.

In Christ, The Mallards

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