Mallard Family to Poplar Bluff, MO

Dear Pastors & Churches, 

Spring has sprung and summer is upon us. We had a good spring at Liberty Baptist Church, the work is progressing. We have continued to canvass our town with church info and the Gospel. At last count we have put out over 1,500 door-hangers and tracts since January of this year. Our plan is to focus on this throughout the summer. I am happy to report that we were able to not only assemble, but also staple and cut the John & Romans I mentioned in our last update. It was such a blessing for the folks that have joined the work to be able to have ‘hands on’ this outreach effort. We have placed the final order and will begin to put together the packets containing a John & Romans, church information and tract, as well as an invitation to do a Bible study through the mail. Our goal is to place one on every door in Poplar Bluff. This is exciting as God promises that His Word will not return void. Please pray for these efforts.

We have had several visitors this spring as well. I am sad to report that Pamela hasn’t been back in a couple months. We were not able to follow up on her as she wouldn’t fill out a visitor card. We thank the Lord for the opportunities to preach the Gospel to her the times she did come. There is one couple that have visited with us every Sunday night for the last two months. I would not say they are prospects, as he pastors a Southern Baptist church here in town. They don’t have services on Sunday evening and they really enjoy the preaching and fellowship here at Liberty. On one particular Sunday evening there were three pastors in our services. Two of them were Southern Baptist and one was non-denominational. The non-denominational hasn’t been back but the other two have. Sad to say there are very few churches that have services on Sunday evening in Poplar Bluff. Right now we are preaching through the Book of Nehemiah on Sunday nights and making application to the work of God in salvation, individual spiritual growth, as well as church growth. Please pray that God will do a work in the heart of our folks that we would strengthen our hands for the work. Also pray that God would work in the hearts of those that visit with us.

We had another lady join with us in membership. Mrs. Viola Lay presented herself for membership the last Sunday of April. We are excited to have her as a part of our church. Besides our family we now have five others that have been added to our membership. It has been a blessing to watch as God builds His church here in Poplar Bluff. It is encouraging to look back and see His hand redirecting us to plant this church all the while moving folks from IL and OR that were looking for an old fashioned Baptist church. May I say that is exactly what we are. We are old fashioned on purpose. I see no reason to move any of the landmarks set by our fathers. In a day when we hear so much about ‘transitioning’ churches away from the landmarks I am happy to report that we are making sure those Biblical landmarks are clearly seen. I want to thank you so much for your prayers and support for our family and this mission work. I look forward to reporting to you next month as to what God is doing with your investment here in Poplar Bluff MO.

The Mallards

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