McCollum Family to Germany

McCollums to Germany


As spring has come and gone, we reflect on all God has done in our midst these last few months.


As of right now (06/11/21), COVID regulations have significantly lessened in our area. This past week, outdoor dining was permitted to take place at restaurants. While there still is a mask mandate, we no longer have to make appointments to shop in retail stores. As far as church goes, we are now allowed, with distancing, to be at 100 people in the building, which is normally above 100% capacity for us. We are only allowed to have congregational singing when the required distance is doubled. This has allowed us to do so at some smaller church functions. On Sundays, we have a group sing on stage, and other can hum along or, as we tell them, “sing in your hearts to the Lord”. Please pray that these restriction will go away as the incident level continues to drop.


Because we were on lockdown last Easter, we were excited to be able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in person this year. God blessed the services with a full capacity crowd. The music and presentations were followed by a Gospel message, and the Lord blessed it greatly. As far as the Easter online Conference goes, we were able to deliver over 26 different sessions for different age groups over the three day event. The Lord allowed these sessions to be viewed 1,800 times. Most of the sessions were Gospel-centered with the central theme being, “Hope Rises”. We praise the Lord for allowing the Gospel to be delivered to thousands through this collaborative endeavor.


Shortly after our Hannah was saved, she began telling the other kids at church about it. The Lord used this to spark some interest in the hearts of a few of her friends. One boy her age began asking his parents if he could be saved as well. His parent began to talk with him about it to make sure he understood. Last week, we received the news that he had accepted Christ in his home. Please pray for Noah as he begins his journey as a child of the King! The very same week, we also heard of our Nephew and niece in Florida getting saved. We rejoice in the fact that even the faith of a child can receive salvation.


Awhile back, several of our church men began to express an interest in preaching. We began making plans to bring this to fruition. During the month of May, we scheduled three of our laymen to preach on Sunday morning. Each man brought a message that was challenging to the hearts of our church, and we are thankful that God in working in the hearts of our men to declare His Word. Please pray for Ed and Caleb as they plan to help equip these men for the ministry of preaching. Our hope is that the Lord will call some of them to be pastors and missionaries according to his will.


One of the highlights of our calendar each year is our annual Family Camp (Familien Freizeit). This week is designated as a time to help grow families in the Lord in an atmosphere that is both fun and relaxing. This year, we have a record 107 people registered for camp, and we are effectively filling the campgrounds to their capacity! Every year, we split the campers into teams for some intense competition on the field. This year, we are going with a Wild West theme and have come up with some theme-related games that will be unforgettable. We also try to get a good balance in the schedule of services and family free-time. This is because we want to see the families grow spiritually and together. Please pray that God will use this event to see many decisions made for His glory!


Before our last furlough, Alicia had led a pre-teen girl to the Lord, and had begun discipleship with her and her sister. Recently, due to the lifting of pandemic restrictions, she was able to resume the course. Please pray for Ellen and Sophie as they grow in their relationship with the Lord and that they will be baptized soon.


As we have stated before, Caleb and Ed often will go once or twice a week to play basketball with others as an opportunity to witness to those who would not normally come to church services. Through several connections, we have been extended an invitation to potentially coach pre-teen kids at a sports organization. The positions are open. We have attended a few practice sessions with the organization heads, and will get to meet the kids this Monday for a test run. Please pray that the Lord would open this door for outreach to many more families in our area. We are definitely excited about the potential in this situation.If you would like to follow our missionary journey, scan the QR code on this letter and keep an eye out for information on our Facebook page.We are excited about what the Lord is doing in our midst. Thank you again for all the prayers and faithful support. May the Lord richly bless you as you reach your Jerusalem for Him!


  1. For salvation: Basketball guys, Bajrami family (our Landlord), Paulina 
  2. For those who need Baptism
  3. Decisions at Family Camp
  4. Sports Outreach
  5. Discipleship
  6. Spiritual growth in our church


  1. Noah saved!
  2. Hannah and Adah had a great start back in Kindergarten.
  3. Open doors for new outreach opportunities.

Für die Verlorenen in Deutschland,

Caleb, Alicia, Hannah, Adah, Torah & Josiah

The McCollums


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