McCollum Family to Germany

McCollums to Germany


At the time of this writing, we are one week into summer break for the kids. In the past few months, God has been blessing in many ways.We are excited about what the future holds for the growth of His work here.


On May 29th, we traveled down to Mainz and Caleb preached for the fourth time at the Freie Baptisten Gemeinde in Mainz.The Lord blessed the message and the fellowship afterwards. Please continue to pray as this church is searching for their next pastor.


On June 17-18, we hosted our first ever couples retreat as a couple and the second couples’ retreat in our church’s history. We enjoyed two days in Oberhausen that included a steak dinner in a private room, shopping at the largest mall in Germany, a group event at TopGolf, an overnight stay with breakfast at a nice hotel, and three sessions on Christian marriage.The Lord really blessed this time away and we received positive responses from the 9 couples who attended.


On June 25th, we met with our Jungschar (Grade school) and teen groups for the last time before summer breaks. Both groups enjoyed separate lesson times after which we gathered on the field for some games.The time was well enjoyed by all who attended. This year we have encouraged our kids to work through devotional books that we have provided. Please pray that this will incourage our kids to develop a personal relationship with God.


About three weeks ago, we had a new man come to visit the church. His name is Markus. He has been attending services regularly since then. On the 17th of July, he approached Caleb after the service and told him that the preaching was the best he has ever heard and that he was looking to join a church that only preaches Bible truth.

That next week, Caleb and Ed met with Markus to discuss the church doctrine, by-laws, and to hear his testimony.To God’s glory, Markus had been saved about three months ago, after listening to various preachers online, and has been searching for a local church home since then.

Markus grew up as a Catholic, but thoroughly rejects their teachings. As he put it,“If you read the Bible, what they believe is just dumb.”

Please pray as we talk with Markus about baptism in the next few weeks. He is willing to remove himself from the rolls of the state church, but must still be scripturally baptized.


Family Camp took place from July 24-29. This event is perhaps our largest of the year, as we began preparations back in March.This year, we had an Australian theme for the field competitions on Tuesday.We also, for the first time, put together an olympic style competition for the kids in 1st-10th Grades (in Germany school goes up to 10th Class or Grade). Aside from the games, there were free times of sports and play for our families to enjoy.

Sunday was check-in time with a green screen photo booth that could transport you to various Australian destinations.

On Monday, we had planned sports tournaments in Volleyball and soccer. However, Before volleyball was finished and as the soccer field was being prepared, the weather surprised us with an epic rain storm that left many of us soaked from head to toe as we desperately ran back to the guesthouse.

Monday evening was our kickoff service. That night we introduced the teams, team captains, and rosters. Ed then preached a message about standing before the Lord as our judge.

Tuesday started with sessions for men, ladies, teens, and kids followed by team competition day.With many of our games, we try to include the theme of the competition. It was fun to watch our people ride on inflatable crocodiles, hit a cricket ball, toss a rugby ball back and forth, and carry small children on their backs like a koala.We also enjoyed the dodgeball tournament and the Outback survival Obstacle course.

On Tuesday evening, we enjoyed a bonfire with s’mores, stockbrot, and singing.

On Wednesday, split sessions were followed by the Kid’s Olympics which saw 8 different groups compete in 10 events.This was a lot of fun and very competitive.

Our main service was Wednesday evening with a great message by Matthias Lang.

On Thursday, we had a Family Workshop for all the parents.This was a guided open forum in which many aspects of raising our children biblically were covered. It was good to be able to share

ideas and information from a biblical foundation on how to raise godly children in today’s world.

On Thursday evening, we enjoyed a night of skits and music followed by an awards ceremony in which gold medals were given to all the winners of the Kid’s Olympics.Team Sharks was also announced as the winner of the team competition.

On Friday, Caleb taught the final Men’s session on the influence of media and tech in our families and a Biblical approach to moderation.

During the camp Alicia and Maike, a faithful lady in our church, taught all the Ladies’ split sessions.

All in all many great decisions were made among the 116 attendees and God gave us perhaps the best camp ever, despite Hannah breaking her arm on day 1.

Pleas also be in prayer for our church here as we will be shortly beginning the process of looking for a more adequate space to meet in. For more details on this process, feel free to email us or follow our Social media for more frequent updates.

Once again, we thank you all for your continued support both in prayer and finance. May God richly Bless you as you seek to reach the world with the Gospel!

Für die Verlorenen in Deutschland,
Caleb,Alicia, Hannah,Adah,Torah & Josiah


  1. For salvation
    • Basketball guys
    • Bajrami family (our Landlord)
    • Our church kids & Teens
    • Olga, Valentina, Victor (Ukraine)
  1. For those who need Baptism
  2. A new building for our church
  3. Our VISA renewals on September 1st
  4. Healing for Hannah’s broken arm


  1. An amazing Family Camp
  2. A blessed Couple’s Retreat
  3. A growing church


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