McCollum Family to Germany

McCollums to Germany


It’s Black Friday. While many people are scurrying about trying to find the best deals, we have a guarantee that the whole world needs to secure- Eternal life through Jesus Christ. The past few months have gone by and summer vacation quickly turned into a busy fall season of ministry. During this time the Lord has allow our ministry to expand in a few ways.


On September 4th, we gathered along the banks of the Rhein River and were able to see 8 people follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. Caleb had the donor of baptizing our daughter, Hannah, Markus, whom we wrote about in our last letter, and Thomas, a single man who began visiting our church over a year ago. We also saw a ninth person join the church by way of transfer. It was a blessing to hear each person’s testimony of salvation, and we rejoice that the Lord is adding to his church such as should be added.


On October 18, we had our annual Kids’ Service. Our theme for the day was “The greatest Experiment”. During the day, the kids traveled in groups to different stations where they got to participate in different science experiments which uncovered a truth about who God is. Caleb was able to lead the games and teach the main lesson in which he flipped the script of the day to show the kids how much God knows about them and loves them. On the same day, the teen group had an outing to a local gym and sports complex where they engaged in competitions. After sports, Alicia taught the teen girls on the subject of their testimony as young women. These events were well participated in and we were glad to have another opportunity to invest in the future.


One of our goals as missionaries is to see people discipled and educated in the Bible with the hopes that God will call some of the nationals into missions and church planting. Since many of our families have one or both parents working, full-time Bible school didn’t seem like the best path to go down. One of our deacons approached us in mid-summer with information from a Bible college here in Germany. After looking into it, we determined that the material being offered was sound and that the once-a-week in the evening model of online group learning was a good fit for those who were interested in furthering their knowledge of the Bible.

On October 3rd, the first class began with 12 adult enrollees from our church membership. Alicia has been attending the classes to sharpen her Biblical German, and says that the information is really good. We are hoping that God will use this as a step toward calling faithful people into his fields.


Beginning tomorrow (11/26), Alicia will be away with our teen group on a trip to Detmold, Germany to visit a German-Russian museum, attend a Christmas concert, and visit a Bible college in the region. We are praying that the Lord will use this to ignite a desire in our teens’ hearts to serve the Lord with their lives.


A few weeks back, Alicia was having a lot of trouble with sickness. The Lord soon revealed that we are now expecting our fifth child! Please pray that the Lord will give Alicia strength through the pregnancy and that the baby will be born healthy. We promise that a gender reveal will come soon. Children are a heritage from the Lord, and we couldn’t be more excited for another blessing.


While expanding as a family is awesome, it comes with its own set of adjustments. For the last number years, as our family kept adding more people, we noticed a trend. The space in our vehicle was diminishing, and our vehicle was beginning to show signs of aging. We saw the need for a vehicle down the road and began to try to save money for this need. However, the Lord has thrown us a few medical and repair curve balls the last few years that have significantly diminished our savings. On top of that, came inflation and rising prices due to wars, pandemics, and changes in governments over the past two years.

That has thrown us some unexpected surprises as well. One example of this is the quadrupling of our monthly gas bill for the house. Which has us using the fireplace a bit more often these days.

While the Lord is meeting our needs, the need for another seat in a vehicle looms large now that we are expecting.

As we we attempt to rebuild some savings by cutting where we can, we would ask you to consider helping us out financially.

We are keeping an eye on the auto market for fairly priced and gently used 8-passenger vans and have determined that our goal to raise, aside from our savings would be $20,000. This would give us enough room for both family and 1-2 guests plus luggage. Because we are not German citizens, we cannot get bank financing. We are praying for God to provide the difference between our efforts to save and the vehicle he wants us to have.

If you would like to help with this need, you can mail a check to our sending church address on this letter. Make sure the payment is notated with this specific need. If you would rather do something via e-payments, please contact either us or our sending church to discuss options.

As Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close, we would like to express our thanks to you all who have prayed for us and supported us, some of you since the beginning. We are excited about the future and about the opportunities the the Lord has allowed us to add this year. We hope that God will bless you all as you enter into the holidays with the message of hope in your Jerusalem.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and new year to come

Für die Verlorenen in Deutschland, Caleb, Alicia, Hannah, Adah, Torah & Josiah


  1. For salvation: Basketball guys – Bajrami family (our Landlord); Our church kids & Teens; Olga, Valentina, Victor (Ukraine)
  2. For those who need Baptism
  3. A new building for our church
  4. Our VISA cards to come in
  5. Alicia & baby – for healthy pregnancy


  1. We’re expecting
  2. Additions to the church
  3. Beginning of Bible school


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