McCollum Family to Germany

McCollums to Germany

Hello Friends and supporting Pastors, 

I have never really done this before, but I wanted to reach out to you all about a need that we have. 

We are currently in need of a larger van. Our current van was purchased when we first came to Koblenz, Germany and we had three children. Recently, we found out that we are now expecting our fifth child which means that we will soon be out of seats in the current vehicle. While we have been striving to save for a new vehicle down the road, we did not expect the necessity of it to come so soon. Also in Germany, every vehicle is tested every two years for safety and emissions. With our current vehicle we have spent thousands of dollars just getting our car to the point where it can pass this test, thus allowing us to be able to continue driving it. We do not wish to continue doing this as well, and would rather use that money towards a new or gently used vehicle that would better accommodate the family and allow us to have room to transport things and people for the ministry as well.

We have already seen some funds come in for this toward our goal of $18,000. If you would like to help, There are two ways to give to this project.

1) Send a check to our sending church with McCollum van project on the memo line

2) Make a contribution of any amount at :

We are trusting God for his provision as he knew the timing of all of this before we ever existed. There is also a video on the page for a more lengthy explanation of the situation.

Can’t wait to see what God can do!

Für die Verlorenen in Deutschland,

(for the lost in Germany)
Caleb, Alicia, Hannah, Adah, Torah, & Josiah
The McCollum Family


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