McCollum Family to Germany

McCollums to Germany


The third quarter of 2021 has brought us changes and many blessings. Here are a few.


The Lord greatly blessed our Family Camp with a record 107 attendees. Because we were a closed group with everyone at least tested, we were able to enjoy a mask free week. The Wild West themed competitions were won by Team Cowboys and were both competitive and enjoyable. God used the preaching and sessions to speak to hearts. 24 hours after camp ended, we had 122 people signed up for next year! Wow! Start praying now for lives to be changed.


In August, the Taylors went on vacation. This gave Caleb a few additional opportunities to preach and minister in the church. God used the messages to help others with some struggles. The lighter schedule also gave us some days to travel and enjoy a few days as a family.


As many of you know, the Hastings will be ending their time as missionaries in Germany this month. To celebrate their 40+ years of ministry in Germany, we had a farewell party that was attended by over 100 people. The night included a delicious dinner, a message, music, a fun game show style activity, testimonies, and a tribute video that told their story. There were very few dry eyes in the house. We are thankful for the faithfulness of this beloved couple, and we wish God’s greatest blessings upon the next chapter of their journey. They are an enduring example of God’s love.


The beginning of the school year brought another change. Hannah made her transition from Kindergarten to Grundschule (grade school). So far, things are going well and she is making friends and doing well, despite the discovery that homework is now a daily routine. Adah has recently finished recovering from a broken arm that she injured at our camp. Adah and Torah are doing well in Kindergarten and continue to pick up the language better each week.


On 9/11, we began a new season of meeting with the elementary students once each month. Caleb taught a lesson on loving your enemies and Alicia was prepared with lots of fun games. One of our single ladies, Alice, has also been faithfully helping in this event. On the same day, Ed, along with another church member met with the teens. This group traveled to Lahnstein, where we now have been given access to a gym. The teen group enjoyed sports and a Bible lesson.


On Saturday, 9/18, the men of our church competed against each other in our annual BBG Open Minigolf Tournament. The annual event was held on a challenging indoor course and was competitive with several lead changes throughout. After three playoff holes (a first) the winner was determined. The event was capped off with Caleb giving a challenge to the men from 1 Kings 2 to “shew thyself a man”. We look forward to the next time of fellowship with the men in January, and we pray God uses these events to strengthen husbands, dads, and leaders in our church.


We have now established a second teen meeting each month. The town of Anhausen is about 40 minutes away and a good number of our church members live there. Therefore, one Saturday each month, we hold separate boys and girls meetings at a member’s house. The girls, led by Alicia, enjoy a lesson directed for them combined with fun games. The boys enjoyed a lesson that lasted over an hour due to the questions being asked by the boys themselves. After the lesson, the boys were taken to a nearby sports park where they narrowly defeated the adults in a 5 vs 3 soccer match. We are praying that God would use these meetings to strengthen our teens to stand for him against the grain of popular culture. Also be in prayer for a couple of teen girls who have expressed interest in talking to Alicia about salvation.


This is essentially the Sunday we celebrate German Thanksgiving. Due to the way the new Corona rules were written, we were able to have this event without distancing as long as everyone was recovered, vaccinated, tested, or under 12 years old, and masked indoors for all activity except eating. Due to this, we had a high attendance of over 140 people including many visitors. We also were able to hold a baby dedication of 11 children and their parents. This day was extremely blessed, and we thank God for all he did in the hearts of people during this service.LEAVES


For the last few months, we have had two couples that have been visiting our church. Ed and Caleb have been able to meet with them and they are both interested in possibly joining our church. One of them would need to be properly baptized. Please pray that Marvin & Kiera and Thomas & Liane as they consider their next steps.Also, Germany has just elected a new government with the Social Democrats winning the highest number of votes. Please pray that God would grant his wisdom to the new Chancellor and Parliament.Despite all that’s going on, God has been good. We look forward to see what’s next as we head into the last quarter of 2021. God Bless!


  1. For salvation- Basketball guys – Bajrami family (our Landlord)- Paulina- Teens girls
  2. For those who need Baptism
  3. The two couples to join the church
  4. Sports Outreach
  5. Discipleship
  6. Spiritual growth in our church


  1. Great Family Camp
  2. Record attendances at events
  3. Open doors for new outreach opportunities.


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