Sudbrock Family to Germany

Cornerstone Baptist Church, When the Lockdown is extended again 02/25/2021 Every time we reorient on a new end date for the lockdown it is extended. There are many adjustments that we have made. Thankfully, the German court opposed some of the obvious anti-constitutional measures. At one point, we were not allowed to travel more than …

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Orricks to Wales

Back in November 2020, a family of three started visiting our church as a result of our Harvest Feast. During that time we were able to share the Gospel with Julie, the wife, and their middle aged son, Nick, but Mick, the husband, was very quiet and seemed uninterested. Weeks had gone by and on …

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Lukyanov Family to Russia

Sergei Ivanovich was furious!  As the head of oncology hospital during COVID quarantine he just learned about a group of volunteers from our church who “invaded” the children’s ward with a Christmas program. But before you hear the rest of the story, please watch this video PRAYER update: VIDEO For Souls in Siberia, Russia Vladimir …

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