Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal

Hello and happy Tuesday.

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Children’s camp was last week (top left). The kids loved it and complained that it was too short.  Top right: Beau and Tiago, a pastor of the church in the next town over, worked together to organize the camps this year, since the ones we have been a part of in the past could not happen this year. We appreciate this family so much. National pastors are a precious commodity. Raising up pastors may be the most challenging part of the work in Portugal. Please be in prayer for Tiago and for more pastors. 

Since we were out of peanut butter, we took the opportunity to drive to Seville, Spain (Costco really 😜) and then on to Gibraltar. Such an interesting role in history, and of course, the monkeys. However, we barely survived the heat!!

I included a picture of some new couples recently added to our church (middle right). This picture is sweet to us because it was taken on an outing organized by another couple in our church who invited “the newbies” along and have made them felt welcome and received. We are so grateful to see members of our church serving, rather than “the pastor’s family” being responsible for all aspects of the work. So happy. 

Finally, we have made it to the end of birthday season, wrapping up the celebration with Avery’s clue themed birthday party (her favorite board game). Was it Prof. Plum in the living room with the knife, Colonel Mustard in the dining room with the revolver, or sweet Mrs. Peacock? 😁 Memories were made. 

Please take a moment to pray for Beau as he flies back to Portugal tomorrow from a hop across the pond for a meeting. 

Have a great week!


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