Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal


We are so grateful for the many things we have celebrated over the past two months. We celebrated Christmas in at least four states with many people we love. We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and Beau’s 40th birthday. God is good! so close We are absolutely amazed that $110,650 of our $120,000 building fund goal has been promised. It confirms in our hearts that God has a plan for our little church and we are anxious to see how it unfolds. If you are able to send an additional offering to help us meet our goal, please let us know so we can track our progress.

45 down, 1 to go

After traveling over 35,000 miles this furlough, we have visited 45 churches with one more remaining on Sunday. We have been promised $605 of the $800 deficit in our support. We are praying for an individual or two to be able to partner with us monthly, or that supporting churches may be able to give us a raise to cover the difference.

And so it begins…

We are eager to be back with our people and in our home. Our flight has already been canceled and rescheduled once. Such is the theme of travel in 2020/21. We are now scheduled to leave March 12, less than a month away. Please pray that there would be no more cancellations, that we would have no problem getting negative COVID tests within 72 hours of travel, and that no winter storms would disrupt our travel.


Portugal is now #1 in the world for number of new COVID cases and number of daily deaths per one million. Between March and December, Portugal suffered a little over 6,000 deaths, being praised by the EU for their handling of the coronavirus. In the MONTH of January, they suffered nearly 6,000 deaths. They have put out an international plea for help, receiving doctors and equipment from Germany and shipping out ICU patients to Austria and other country’s hospitals. Portugal continues in strict lockdown that is expected to last through April. We are deeply saddened by the fact that so many are passing into eternity, with less than 1% claiming Christ as their Savior.


Over our past 13 years of being missionaries, we have seen the power of prayer work first-hand in our lives and the lives of those in our ministry. In our last letter, we were desperate for prayer for Valerie’s mom who contracted COVID while caring for her elderly mother who came home from the hospital COVID-positive following treatment for a heart-attack. Carol was very near heaven’s doors, but God saw fit to let us keep her a little longer, and we are so very grateful. We count our prayer partners one of the greatest blessings of being missionaries. Thank you for your prayers and care for our family.


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