Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal

Tuesday Newsday

Happy Tuesday. THANK YOU for praying for Mama Anifa. She returned this Sunday AND brought a Muslim family from her Mosque. They stayed for a long time afterward and visited. They said they had really enjoyed the service would definitely be back. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏻  We would certainly appreciate prayers for the Holy Spirit to continue to draw them: Marcelo, Mariza and Noemi (age 4). We were over our permissible number for COVID by even more this week 🤦🏻‍♀️  We are praying that God would show us, even this week, a creative (and dare I say “quick” solution). Weather permitting, some of our “regulars” will be sitting outside this Sunday to create space inside, however, with even just a few more, this will not be sufficient… since we are already doing two services, it is not our desire to add a 3rd service.

I also covet your prayers for my parents who are also missionaries in Portugal. They leave Thursday for furlough. After just two months “together” after our furlough, it’s now their turn. Missionary lives are divided into weird increments and at least two realities. It is such an “oddity” to place one life on pause to resume another temporarily. Naturally, as a daughter, I feel a little nervous about all the travel ahead during COVID, but we must place that in the Lord’s hands. Pray for their encouragement and re-energizing as they travel, and for us and the other missionaries and the leaders in their church who will be dividing the work during the six months they are gone. It is certainly our desire that the work go forward and not be stagnant, or heaven-forbid go backward, but could you imagine your own church being without a pastor for six months?

Thank you for your prayers and faithful service to the Lord. Have a great week!


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