Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal

Tuesday Newsday

Thank you for your prayers for our trip to Albania. It was NOT uneventful… from masked travel through various European airports with a variety of levels of “COVID safety” hoops to jump through, to removing our shoes and adding them to a pile of 37 pairs at Brikena’s home to meet and be hosted by her family, to TRYING to find rehearsal, ceremony, and reception locations without proper addresses (apparently those don’t really exist in Albania – it was more like “turn left when you see a green gate), to our colleague’s 5-month-old baby’s head being licked for “good luck” 😟, to eating goat head at the wedding, and having a minor car accident on the way to church Sunday morning, we made a lot of memories… and boy were we embracing Portuguese soil when we landed again on Monday. A little perspective goes a long way 😆

The happy couple arrives from their honeymoon tomorrow and we are anxious to welcome Brikena to her first church service with us on Sunday.

We arrived back just in time to start school. Landon – 3 day kindergarten, Owen – 3rd grade, and Avery – 7th grade. Beau – last semester + internship of his masters in pastoral counseling, plus teaching 9-12th grade Bible. Valerie – 7th-8th grade Bible and High school choir 😁 It’ll be a busy, but profitable fall 👍🏼

Please continue to be in prayer for Mark and Ana as we have had many text messages and phone calls this week as she attempts to understand Scripture and wrestles to submit to it.

Also, at least 12 personal invitations have gone out to ladies this week to join our Thursday night Bible study that starts this Thursday. Please pray specifically for Carla and others who have been invited.

THANK YOU for your prayers and have a great week!


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