Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal

salvation, baptism & membership

We are rejoicing over a great start to the year. In March, we baptized two. One was our son, Owen (age 8). Following his baptism, our youngest son, Landon (age 5) spent nearly a week asking many questions. The pieces of the puzzle came together and he prayed at the breakfast table for Jesus to be his Savior. What a wonderful victory for a missionary family. It is certainly not our desire to lead many to Christ at the spiritual sacrifice of our own children, which is sometimes a reality for missionaries kids. Please pray for God’s continued grace in their lives. Recently, we completed an 8-week new members’ course and added others to the church by letter.

missions month & ladies’ tea

Though we have had missionaries as guest speakers and participated in projects and special offerings as a church, for the first time, we set aside an entire month to teach faith promise and focus on missions. Our final service was our highest attendance to date, with every seat in the house filled, (extra chairs outside), eight nationalities represented, and we made our first commitment of monthly support. At the end of April, we helped to organize a ladies’ tea that included several churches. The attendance was over 120 people. It was so sweet to see the ladies back together after two years apart. For many of them, their small church (30-40 people) is all the Christians they know or see. Family, neighbors, co-workers, and other friends are not Christians. It makes a huge difference to them to be able to get together with other sisters in Christ in this way.

today’s world

We are very happy that after 2-1⁄2 years, Portugal has finally lifted their mask mandate. While masks are still required in some places, they are no longer required outside, at church, or at restaurants and stores. This will make for a much more tolerable summer!

Inflation has been a huge problem in Portugal, as I know it has also been for many of you in the U.S. Prices on many things have more than doubled and gas is up to $8.50/gallon.

Portugal has received many Ukrainian refugees. The pastor of a church in the next town took in four – a mom and her daughter, plus two college students. Since that family was already struggling to make ends meet before taking in four more, our church has helped provide food, furniture, clothing and other necessities. There has also been a lot of legwork for documents, helping them get enrolled in the health system, social security system, taking them to doctor appointments, etc. They do not speak Portuguese, and only two speak English. They do not know whether to dig in and establish roots, or whether the war will end soon and they will be able to return – and if they return, to what will they return? It has been humbling to witness their journey.

all the Ricardo’s

We pray daily for many by name, and I thought I would share a funny phrase we sometimes pray: “for all the Ricardo’s.” This is the Portuguese translation of Richard, and over the years we have made many contacts by this name – the realtor, the barber, the soccer coach, and recently, when Owen started a paddle class (similar to tennis or pickle ball), his teacher’s name is Ricardo. Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer, as well as those we are ministering to.


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