Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal
Hello, and happy Tuesday.

Owen turned 9.  If you have “followed” our family for a long time, you know of God’s mercy and kindness toward us throughout Owen’s life.  He was born as a preemie and had several near-death experiences.  They expected long-term heart and lung after-effects from the varied treatments he endured.  He had many follow-ups with cardiologists and pulmonologists, and by the age of 2, they all said, “We don’t think we need to see you guys anymore.  He is 100% fine.”  His birthday is such a day of gratitude and rejoicing in our house.  His request this year was to spend his day at a waterpark/pool, which was a great choice since our weather has been VERY hot, still waiting for the a/c repair.

Valerie and Ana have met for the past 2 weeks, studying salvation and scriptural baptism, making sure there is no confusion that could creep up and cause doubt later.  This week, Ana is working on writing out her testimony to share with the church this Sunday when she will be baptized at our church outing following the service.  

She received news last week that her father went in for a routine exam and they found cancer spread throughout his body.  They gave him 6 months to live.  She will be baptized on the 24th and has booked a flight on the 28th to go visit her father.  She feels an urgency to share the gospel with him.  She does not expect him to receive the news of her baptism well since she was baptized in the Catholic Church as a baby and raised Catholic.  She is praying for an open heart and for his salvation.  Will you please pray with her and us?

Have a great week!


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