Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal
Hello, and happy Tuesday.

So many wonderful things to praise God for this week. Landon turned 6. SUCH a sweet-tooth, he had a donut-themed party and received both a cotton candy machine and a gum ball dispenser as gifts! 

Sunday, the whole church had a picnic/cookout following the morning service at a place called Park Discovery. Many years ago a Swiss scientist saw the need for a creationist/Christian education available to Portuguese churches. He purchased and developed a property, and collected many things from inscribed clay pots, scrolls, manuscripts, a huge assortment of Bibles, and even a Gutenberg printing press. On the tour are models of the tabernacle, the temple, and Noah’s ark. There is a museum of fossils and challenges to the theory of evolution. A planetarium, and more. One lady said while we were there, “Before today, I always thought science and the Bible opposed each other. How wonderful to know there are Christian scientists.” Another Tuesday, I will speak more of this ministry, but for today, I will simply say we had a great group in attendance, everyone said how wonderful a time they had, and the cherry on top was Ana’s baptism in the property’s pool.

This week we are knee deep in youth camp. Every single space available was signed up for (plus a few 😅) and there are at least 10 unsaved/unchurched kids in attendance. Please pray fervently for God to work in their hearts this week.

We value your prayers. THANK YOU and have a great week.


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