Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal

This is a happy Tuesday indeed – our a/c was repaired yesterday!!! Portugal’s summers are hot and dry, like California’s climate. Unfortunately that also makes us susceptible to many raging fires.  (In fact, Beau and I set out on a date night and couldn’t arrive at our destination due to road closures).  We are in the midst of our third heat wave of the summer, and our repair guy was finally able to make it. We are all sleeping cool now. 😁 

While Beau was in the states for a couple of days of meetings, we took the opportunity to have some fun at a 3D art museum.

Would you please pray for 2 teachers waiting on visas to be able to arrive for school which begins September 7? (One is Landon’s and one is Avery’s).  Honestly, the document crisis is really a serious problem in this country. The Portuguese government was already behind on a regular day, but after 2 years of on-and-off shutdowns due to COVID, they are hopelessly behind. What would have been a few week process is now months and months. It isn’t as simple as “hiring someone else” or getting a substitute.

Thank you for your prayers and have a great week!


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