Moore Family to Portugal


Happy Tuesday. 

I actually had begun writing this several times, but had never been able to complete it. Maybe you have noticed it missing for a few Tuesdays now.  We have been in the midst of some extraordinary circumstances.

Nevertheless, this was what I began to write last Tuesday:

We are currently hosting 30 missionaries to Spain and Portugal at the BBFI Iberian Peninsula retreat, along with 6 sweet servants from our sending and supporting churches stateside.  It has been spiritual warfare for all of us to make it to this week.  Under such circumstances, we can only assume God is doing a real work and Satan has set his face to oppose.

Sometimes the Lord gives you a sweet moment as He did me during this morning’s meeting. Here was a group of missionaries gathered, none of which are new to us this year, and some of which we have known for many years.  We have walked with them long enough to know some of their struggles, disappointments, and heartbreaks – some of which are caused by cross-cultural service and some of which are the normal paths of life that are further complicated by their missionary status.

We know some are in the trenches of parenting cross-culturally.  Some are grieving the miles between them and their stateside family, including college-aged children, adult children and grandchildren.  Some are caring for aging parents.  Some are struggling with failing minds and bodies, things that will not be resolved this side of heaven.  We know some are grieving the loss of parent, spouse or a child.  We know some are struggling financially and have sacrificed many earthly goods and a secure future in order to serve.  We know some are suffering deep wounds at the hands of fellow missionaries, pastors, or people in their own churches – people who are supposed to be “on their side,” but have added to their pain instead of helping to carry their burdens.  We know some are suffering from extreme isolation and loneliness.  Some are buckling under the sheer workload that is theirs because of how few labourers there are. Some are struggling to stay on the field and questioning whether their faithfulness to this point has amounted to anything.  

This group of people, with broken hearts, spirits, and bodies praised the Lord together in song… and in that moment, the Lord brought this thought to my mind: what you are witnessing right now is the SACRIFICE of praise –  calling Him good, no matter what you have received from the hand of the Lord.   I don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed the sacrifice of praise like I did this morning, hearing a group of missionaries, who I have seen sacrifice a great deal for the gospel, sing “it is well with my soul” and “I’d rather have Jesus” and “the things of this earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” 

It is our desire to encourage and uplift the weary, which is why we even began organizing this retreat 8 years ago.  Our prayer is that iron sharpens iron this week as we serve one another. 


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