Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal

Hello, Tuesday again. 

This morning I (Valerie) obediently went and submitted to blood work a NEW doctor ordered urgently yesterday, appalled at what tests and treatment had NOT been ordered over the past 11 months. Beau convinced me to go to his habitual lab. I have my own favorite, however, They don’t open until eight. So when you’re fasting, and when you have a lot to get done in the rest of the day, it’s nice to get an earlier start. He appealed to that sentiment and boasted “his place” opens at 7:30. So even though I arrived at 7:31, I was the second person in line, and it seemed to be taking quite a while. I watched 20 minutes tick away and texted him, threatening to abandon ship and go to “my place” after all since now it was nearly 8 a.m. but about a second later a girl came and got me and was ready to draw blood. She inspected my foreign name and asked where I was from. She was shocked and confused when I said the United States. WHY would you want to leave the United States to come to Portugal. Your standard of living is so much higher than ours. “Well, we are not here to improve our standard of living,” I explained. This is a common conversation we have upon meeting people for the first time. I explained that we were here starting a Baptist church and asked if she had ever heard of a Baptist. She had not. “But I’m guessing it isn’t like the Catholic church since our priests are not allowed to marry and your HUSBAND is a… did you say pastor?” She continued asking questions, and I continued answering them. I was able to give her snippets of the gospel in the five minutes that we were together, namely that salvation is through faith and not by works – she was incredibly surprised to hear that was a direct quote from the Bible and wondered what other things she had been taught all of her life that were in contradiction as well. “I suppose they are just trying to motivate people to be good by telling them that,” she reasoned. “Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.” I came away confident it had not been a mere coincidence or “convenience” I had gone to “Beau’s place” this morning instead of my own.  Please pray for Carolina, (approximately age 24?). Pray these seeds will not be snatched away, but that they would take root. 

Please also pray for several upcoming medical tests as my health condition has barely improved over the course of the past year with no real answers. 

As an update, Avery’s teacher received notice her visa is ready. She will need to fly to the states over thanksgiving break to have it placed in her passport then turn right around. In one way, this timing is perfect – if all goes well. Please pray for Madison, as she flies out this Friday. Also, Landon’s interim teacher leaves December 1. His teacher DID receive her visa last week, however she badly injured her knee. She has to have an MRI on the 18th to find out if she needs surgery. Of course our prayer is that she does not. Please pray for Andrea. Above are some pictures of the fall festival and the staff that serves our kiddos.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for us.


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