Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal

Tuesday Newsday

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since our last update. It seems like every other day, another week has passed, especially at the speed of time in December. 😅

Beau and I celebrated another year of marriage (top left) by buying our dream house. Ha ha. Just kidding. We visited this palace on a mountain of palaces that served as summer homes for the royal and rich about 30 minutes from us. A nice way to celebrate 17 years.

Middle right: Landon lost his first tooth… gotta love first grade when you’re learning how to read and write, follow directions and navigate friendships… all the while, everyone’s teeth are falling out all over the place.

Top right: We took advantage of a rare sunny day during Christmas break to visit a botanical garden that has been on our “things to see” list for awhile now. We plugged it into the GPS and off we went. Though we saw some interesting things, it didn’t seem consistent with the description we had read online. Come to find out, within a few blocks of each other, there are two botanical gardens. One is called the botanical garden, and the other is called the tropical botanical garden. 🤪 soooo…. The TROPICAL botanical garden (which apparently is the one we had intended to visit) is STILL on our list of things to see 😅

middle left: youth choir getting ready to perform for the Christmas concert.

Bottom middle: Christmas added one more fox mug to Landon’s collection. Soon, the rest of us will have no mugs/space as Landon slowly takes over the cabinet.

Bottom right: when short people reach tall things. 

Bottom left: Bella, the chiweenie (age 10), NOT enjoying the winter. While usually January and February are our dark, dreary, rainy, COLD months, the rain started early this year in November and has rained nearly every day since. Portugal received 60% of its average rainfall in a 24 hour period and this year’s record-breaking rainfall left many places in the country, including Lisbon, with catastrophic flooding. So after this summer’s record breaking heat wave and draught, our water reserves and dams are now at capacity and they are bracing for January and February’s rainfall. We came home one day to a truck pumping water out of our -3 garage. Thankfully a neighbor caught it early and called right away and nothing was damaged. And our church building, which has flooded 3 times in its 5 years, did NOT flood this year. That had to have been the Lord’s mercy. 

Please continue to pray for Valerie’s health. She has 2 intravenous iron transfusions over Christmas break and a colonoscopy/endoscopy. Biopsy results will come back by next week.

Also, pray for Pedro, a Portuguese young man (age 22-23), who has recently started attending our church. He had been watching our services online and professes having given his life to Christ and now wants to be baptized. Beau will meet with him over the next couple of weeks as he learns about salvation and baptism in preparation for that step. This is a very unusual age for us to see Portuguese saved at, so we are grateful and anxious to see what significant plan the Lord must have for Pedro.  

Have a great week and a great start yo the year 2023. We are anxious to see what God will do in the normal, everyday moments of this year as time marches on. 


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