Moore Family to Portugal

Moore Family to Portugal

Tuesday Newsday

Thank you for continuing to pray for Pedro.  Through more time spent with him, we have been able to hear more of his story.  

He lost his grandmother, which caused many questions about eternity and the purpose of human existence.  He began a “search” and someone suggested the Bible may have the answers he was looking for, so he read it.  Yes, the entire thing from cover to cover.  He put his faith in Christ for salvation.  He plainly saw his need for baptism and church membership in the New Testament.  He began looking for a church whose teachings aligned with what he had read in Scripture.  Last month, he showed up at our church, asking to be baptised and become a part of our church, feeling well-acquainted with us, having watched our services on-line for a year.  He has completed a degree in political science, but after becoming a Christian decided he could not best  live out his faith in that field within such a corrupt government.  Now he is asking the Lord what career he should have instead. He is even wondering where he could get a degree in theology. 

So much inspiration from this story of a new believer:

1. Christ will build HIS church.  

2. God’s Word is absolutely sufficient to do the whole and complete work of the gospel, even without our efforts in networking, evangelism, teaching, preaching, encouraging, reminding and re-reminding to walk in obedience to the Lord.

3. Does your faith resemble that of Pedro’s?  Here is someone the Lord has revealed Himself to, and Pedro’s response is: “If God’s Word says it, I believe it.  If God’s Word says it, I will do it.”  Simple.  He’s taking an honest look at his life and seeing if it will allow him to live the holy life God requires.  When was the last time you took inventory of your life and asked if you’re in the right location or career path to know the Lord better and serve him best you can?  Most of struggle to surrender, fighting for what WE want for “our” lives.  We would do well to remind ourselves there is only one throne, and we are not on it.  

Please continue to pray for Pedro as he drinks in every minute of one-on-one discipleship as well as Biblical teaching/preaching at church.  Also, pray for his father, Nuno, and his mother, Mafalda, who have both attended with him in an effort to be “supportive” of their son’s choice to follow the Lord. We hope his choice will soon be theirs also.

Regarding the rental of extra space near our building, we spoke to the owner this week and he politely declined. We have visited storefronts this week and called on others. As you know, availability is low and prices are high. We are praying for God’s direction and will. 

Have a great week!!!

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