Steve and Frankie Nutt to US Military

Steve and Frankie Nutt to US Military Worldwide

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. We are humbled and amazed as the Lord uses you to meet our needs each month. Each month as we go over our BIMI financial statement and pray for each of you, we are encouraged to see the churches, families, former members, and friends praying and supporting us. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

During our time filling in at First Baptist Church in Pikeville, Tennessee, meetings, and witnessing, the Lord has let us see nine people saved and two men called to preach , and several new members. We all know the Lord does the calling and He does the saving. We praise the Lord for allowing us to have a small part in HIS GREAT WORK.

The church called Pastor Rick Varnum. He and his beautiful family arrived for their first Sunday July 10, 2022. Pastor Varnum hit the ground running – VBS and visitation. The church saw the Lord at work with at least six people saved, several public professions of faith in Christ and five following the Lord in baptism.

Frankie and I were to assist a church in Montana, but the Lord had other plans. Frankie had COVID and was seriously sick. During COVID she had two lite strokes and is now being tested for seizures. We had to call for an ambulance twice for her. She is doing better now. At this time we are waiting for results of the tests.

We are ready to go. At this time we have only one mission conference scheduled. Please pray as we pray for the Lord to fill our schedule.

Steve and Frankie Nutt


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