Orricks to Wales

Orricks to Wales

This past month was “May-hem” with all the busy-ness and blessings! To start things off, the ladies were finally able to have their retreat that had been postponed since May 2020. We had a really good group go. Their time away together and in God’s Word was very much a help to so many. They are already looking forward to next year as plans and preparations are in the works.

The night the ladies got back from the retreat, we had our monthly Youth night activity. The kids had a great time together as we enjoyed some food, a challenge from God’s Word, as well as some fun games.

That Sunday, following the morning service, we were able to sit down with a couple, Daz and Sharon, who had been attending services for several weeks with their daughter Rosie. They wanted to know more about salvation and had questions about the Bible. After explaining it to them, both Daz and Sharon decided they were ready to be saved and they called on the Lord for forgiveness! Praise the Lord! Their little daughter, Rosie, has been very instrumental in getting them to come and has been really enjoying the kid’s classes as well as the other services. She wanted to listen along and she was so excited for her Mummy and Daddy! Please pray for her as she listens and learns, so that one day she too will understand and give her life to Jesus.

As camp season quickly approaches, we decided to have a “Cakes and Coffee for Camp” Sunday to help the kids offset any remaining costs of going. To do so, the kids were encouraged to bake or buy their favorite cookies or cakes and bring them to church on Sunday. Following the services, the church family was able to enjoy all the treats as well as give a donation. With all the money that has been so generously given by so many of you back home and with all the money that was raised through our church, we are excited to share that we are sending 18 kids and five leaders to camp this summer! Praise the Lord! This is by far our biggest group yet to go with us. Please pray for many to be saved!

As always, we know none of this would be possible without the support of your prayers and finances, so thank you so very much for your faithfulness!

Serving Christ Together,
Richie, Missy, Briton, and Isabella ‌


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