Orricks to Wales

Orricks to Wales

This past month was filled with food, “fellaship,” festivities, and folks coming to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour! Here’s how it all happened…

On a Wednesday night, we met with a lady before church, named Clair. She and her three kids have been coming to our church for the past several months. Clair’s sisters, Andrea and Steph, along with her mother, Janice, and her daughter, Izzy, have all been saved. Clair too decided to accept Jesus as her Saviour! (pictured in the middle)

On the weekend of Father’s Day we decided the men of our church needed a bit of “fellaship,” so we booked some bowling lanes and enjoyed a Friday night out together. On Sunday, we had a cookout after the morning services and gave out gifts to all the men. Many tried a grilled hot dog for the very first time! We were blessed to have over 90 in attendance with several visitors that day and were able to give a clear Gospel presentation.

The following Sunday, we were thankful again to have great services. After the morning service, a teenage boy named Owen wanted to speak with Richie. He has been coming to church off and on with his grandmother and aunt. Not long ago, his aunt, Betsy, got saved. He too had questions about salvation and after speaking with him, Owen decided to receive Jesus as His Lord and Saviour! After speaking with him, a young mother named Kristina wanted to talk about salvation as well. Some time back she had made a profession of faith, but didn’t make it for the right reasons. She was now ready to get that settled and she too called upon the Lord to be saved! Praise the Lord!

Along with all this fun, we also enjoyed celebrating our birthdays!

As we enter into the month of July, we would ask that you please pray for our upcoming camp, the 25th through the 29th. Please pray for Paige and Macey to be saved. Please pray for warm weather and clear skies for the week. Please also pray for all the planning and preparations that need to come together leading up to camp.

Serving Christ Together,
Richie, Missy, Briton, and Isabella


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