Orricks to Wales

Orricks to Wales

The month of July flew by and we have so much to celebrate and share!

If you remember in our last letter, we asked you to pray specifically for a girl named Paige to be saved. Her family has been coming to church since last fall. Her mum and older sister have been saved and we have been praying for Paige to trust Christ as her Saviour also. On a Sunday night after church, she decided she was ready to talk to Missy and we are excited to tell you that she too received Jesus as her Lord and Saviour!

The very next Sunday, after the morning services, a young couple named Eli and Abi wanted to talk about salvation. They have been coming to our services for the past few months and have been quickly connecting with the church family. After explaining it to them, they both decided to be saved as well!

The following week, we were invited by the local town council to walk in a community wide parade that has been going on for 166 years. Our church family walked throughout the town wearing “Jesus Saves” t-shirts, as well as other church promotional shirts. While walking, the kids handed out sweets and church invites that had the Gospel message on them. It was a great opportunity to help spread the Good News that Jesus saves!

Along with all this wonderful news to share, we wrapped up the month of July with the long awaited summer camp for both the juniors and seniors. We ended up taking 17 kids and 5 leaders. The week was absolutely amazing with over 110 campers and leaders in attendance. Missy and another lady from our church, Leighan, worked with our juniors and Richie, along with Katie and Mandy, worked with our seniors. Richie was given the opportunity to be the Senior Camp Director as well as the Senior Camp Speaker. There were two junior campers from our church who got saved; Gabriella and Maddy. Along with these there 10 seniors who got saved throughout the week as well as three more juniors, which made a total of 15 saved! Praise the Lord! We can’t thank everyone enough for giving sacrificially and praying faithfully. God rewarded abundantly!

Serving Christ Together,
Richie, Missy, Briton, and Isabella


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