Orricks to Wales

Orricks to Wales ‌

August was nothing short of amazing! There were very special guest visitors, a church family BBQ, 7 baptisms, a beach service, and most importantly, another soul saved! Let’s get you caught up on all the details.

To start the month off, we were so excited to have some very special friends from our sending church in Springfield, Missouri to come for a visit. Jason, Lisa, Faith, Halle, Kassi, and Jase Adams arrived bright and early on a Tuesday morning and they hit the ground running. From the city of Liverpool, to Warwick Castle, as well as some of the majestic Welsh landscape, they were able to get a good glimpse of the UK culture. Along with that, they were also able to be a part of our services that week and the people of our church were so encouraged by their testimonies and music abilities. It was a truly blessed time.

Speaking of testimonies, during the Sunday evening service, Jason and Lisa’s son Jase shared his testimony and after the services, one of the children in our church, Ruben, who has been coming with his family faithfully for the past several years, wanted to talk with us about salvation. We are excited to share that Ruben prayed to receive Jesus as his Saviour that night! Praise the Lord!

The very next week, we had another heat wave make its way through the UK and the temperatures reached the 90’s again, which is very uncommon for us. That Saturday, we had a church family BBQ and the temperatures were intense; especially when no one has a/c. On that Sunday evening, with the extreme heat, we had a baptism service for 7 with a record attendance of 102. Due to the number of bodies in our small building with no a/c and the outdoor temperatures, we reached over 100 degrees in the building. Despite the heat, the service was wonderful and the testimonies were so powerful.

The very next Sunday evening, with the weather being so unseasonably warm, we decided to have our services on the beach. This was something we had never done before. It turned out to be a very special time together and it was fun to watch the response of the beach goers, as we sang and Richie shared an “ocean devotion.”

To top off all this amazing news, we also had a milestone birthday in the family. Our son, Briton, is now officially 16 years old!

As we enter into September, please be in prayer for another baptism service as well as our “Roundup” services. As school starts back, we are hoping to round up everyone and get them back in the saddle of faithful church attendance. Please also pray for our family as we continue to work diligently to help bring people to Christ as well as minister to the many new believers.

Serving Christ Together,
Richie, Missy, Briton, and Isabella


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