Orricks to Wales

Orricks to Wales

September was certainly another month to remember. We’re talking souls saved, believers baptized, a complete floor replacement, and to top things off…a rodeo!

To start the month off, we had a baptism service for five more believers. It was an amazing night with many visitors. Testimonies were shared and the Gospel went forth. It truly was a celebration of obedience.

The very next Sunday, we had several visitors in our services. Two of which, were a mother, Meg, and her daughter, Claire. They had been invited by some friends. Following the services, they both wanted to talk about salvation. After explaining it to them, both Meg and Claire prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour! Praise the Lord! (They are pictured second and third from the right).

The Monday following, we started on our much needed floor replacement project. This was something we had been preparing for financially and praying about for the past several years. After meeting with several contractors, we were finally led to one that was willing to take on a floor that structurally dated back to the late 1800’s. Once into the removal, we discovered what we feared most, structurally the floor was completely rotten and beyond repair. That being said, we took everything all the way down to the dirt and started over. In order to accommodate the construction, we decided to hire out the local community center for our midweek and Sunday service. After two weeks, the project was complete and we were able to celebrate the new floor the Lord provided for us. Praise the Lord!

All the while the construction was going on; we had already planned to have our annual back to school “Round Up” services with a cowboy cookout and rodeo. Like we mentioned before, we moved our services to the local community center and it actually worked out really well. The day was amazing with 93 in attendance, several of which were first time visitors. Following the services and the food, many enjoyed a ride on the mechanical bull we hired (well… at least Richie did). Yee-haw!

After a busy week of wrapping up and cleaning up the construction project on the floor, we were back in our building for Sunday services. Everyone was so excited to see it all complete. Following the evening service, we were able to talk with a man named Mark, who has been attending services for the past several weeks. He wanted to know more about being saved and after the conversation he decided to pray and receive Christ as his Saviour! Praise the Lord! (He is the older man in the picture at the bottom with the blue shirt).

Though the victories are amazing to share, they don’t come without a cost. Please keep our family in your prayers as we continue to help win the Welsh for Christ!

Serving Christ Together,
Richie, Missy, Briton, and Isabella


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