Orricks to Wales

Orricks to Wales

To begin the month, we had our Friday Youth Night. There was a great group that came out and enjoyed the time together. Please pray for Macey’s salvation.

As is in the past, we held our annual Harvest themed outreach weekend. On Saturday, we opened our doors to the community with a pumpkin decorating party. Every child that attended received a free pumpkin to decorate as well as games, sweets, the Gospel message, and a gift bag of reminders of the Good News of salvation. There were multiple visitors in attendance that day and many carved a pumpkin for the first time in their life. The following day was our Harvest Feast Sunday. It too was a blessed day as we had multiple visitors and an abundance of food that the church family prepared. One of the visitors named Helen came with her son Eli, who had recently been saved and baptized in our church. After the services, we were able to share the Gospel with her, but unfortunately she was not ready to receive Christ as Saviour. We are looking forward to follow up opportunities to speak with her again.

The following week was a tough one for our church family as we lay to rest a 23 year old young man named Morgan, who passed away quite unexpectedly. He had started coming to our church a little over a year ago, because he had seen the difference that Christ had made in Kevan’s life. On the 30th of October 2021, following our Harvest Celebration, Morgan received Christ as his Saviour (pictured with Kevan). Almost a year later to the date, Morgan passed away. We were able to have the services at our church and the attendance was by far the largest we have seen thus far here in Wales. At the close of the service, we gave an invitation for salvation and seven decided to be saved! Of those saved, one was Morgan’s girlfriend’s father, Mark. Before the service started, he approached Richie and very directly asked,

“Where is Morgan right now? Is he in heaven?” Richie assured Mark that Morgan was in heaven and told him about the day he got saved. At the close of the service, during the invitation, everyone in the chapel could hear Mark praying out loud to receive Christ as his Saviour. Along with Mark, there were several family members who also prayed to be saved. One of them was Morgan’s younger brother, Connar. The following Sunday, he was in church with his girlfriend, Jodi. Please pray for her salvation as well.

To wrap up the month, we were blessed to baptize two more believers who had recently been saved, Meg and her daughter, Claire on our 23rd wedding anniversary. Once again, we had multiple visitors in attendance who heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Please pray for the harvest of these souls.

As expected, with the triumphs come the trials. Please pray for our young, growing church as well as our family as we face the opposition in God’s strength and in the power of His might.

Serving Christ Together,
Richie, Missy, Briton, and Isabella


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