Orricks to Wales

Orricks to Wales

We would like to begin this month’s letter by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We cannot thank you enough for your faithful financial and prayer support of our family and our ministry. God is rewarding your faithfulness in so many ways.

We started the month off on the right track when one of the children in our church, Ewan (pictured in the middle of the kids with the ginger hair), prayed to receive Christ as his Saviour! His mother and his two sisters have been attending our church for a little over a year now and all four of them have now been saved! Praise the Lord!

The following weekend was highlighted by a Friday Youth Night as well as a community Bonfire Night. Both activities were capped off with the tradition of fireworks.

On that Sunday, following the morning service, we were able to share the Gospel with a mother named, Claire (pictured with the straight hair on the right), who has been attending the church with her two children for the past few weeks. In doing so, we were able to clear up any confusion and she decided to accept Christ as her Saviour! Praise the Lord!

The next week was a crazy week as Richie had the opportunity to teach a Youth Ministry class at the Bible College located in Telford, England. Each night was a three hour commute along with a four hour class, excluding Wednesday, and concluded with a Youth Night practical final that the students had to put together. All in all, it was a blessed success!

That next Sunday, we were blessed to share the Gospel with another man named James. His mother, Meg, and his sister, Claire, have been recently saved and baptized in our church. After explaining everything to him, he too decided to receive Christ as his Saviour! Praise the Lord!

To wrap up the month, we were so excited to pay a visit to a lady named Tracie. If you remember in our last letter, her son Morgan passed away very suddenly at the age of 23. At the close of the funeral service, there were several people who trusted Christ as their Saviour and one of those was Tracie’s other son, Connar. Both Connar and Tracie have been attending services regularly for the past month. On a Monday night we went to her home and explained more about salvation to her and we are thrilled to tell you that she too received Christ as her Saviour! Words cannot justify just how amazing this whole story is and continues to be. Please pray for these new believers to grow in grace and wisdom.

As we have said before, with the triumphs come the trials. Please pray for our church as well as our family as we continually face the enemy’s opposition.

Merry Christmas,
Richie, Missy, Briton, and Isabella


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