Orricks to Wales

Orricks to Wales

April 2023

To start things off, we had another great Friday Youth Night with close to 20 youth in attendance. The night was filled with food, a message from the Word of God, and games. Please continue to pray for a girl named Macey, who has been coming and is unsaved. The kids have been really burdened for her and it is really encouraging to see how they are all trying to witness to her.

As mentioned in our last letter, we were holding an extra class on Wednesday nights, before the Bible study, for those who wanted to go through our “7 Steps to Joy” discipleship materials. This class has been a tremendous help with establishing a solid foundation for our new Christians as well as for those who have been saved for any length of time. We wrapped up the class with 21 completing the course. In the next month or so, we will begin the second book, “Victorious Christian Living.”

Along with these exciting updates, we are also so encouraged to share with you that two people placed their faith and trust in Christ for salvation this past month. The first was the “fruit” of family that has been coming faithfully for several years and their son, Asa, prayed to be saved (he is the little one with the huge smile on his face). The other person saved was a young man named Rich. He had been invited to our church by one of our faithful members and had been attending for several weeks. At the close of a morning service, he too was ready to receive Christ as his Saviour.

March was also Mother’s Day here in the UK and the ladies enjoyed a time of fun, food, and fellowship with a great number in attendance for all the festivities.

Looking ahead to Easter, please be in prayer for our special services as we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins as well as celebrate our Risen Saviour.

As we wrap up this month’s letter, we wanted to give you an update regarding our “Indefinite Leave to Remain” VISAs. Like we shared in our previous letters, in May we will be eligible to apply for this visa which will allow us to remain indefinitely in the UK. This is very much a milestone for our ministry and one we have been working diligently toward for the past five years. As mentioned before, this process is tedious and quite expensive. Currently we are studying and preparing for the test, which we are now scheduled to take on Wednesday, April 5. We have also been praying for the necessary funds needed and we are so very grateful and so overjoyed to share with you that with what has already come in as well as what has been promised, we have reached our goal! Praise the Lord! Again, we cannot say thank you enough for all those who have given to help make this all possible and for those who have been praying for this need to be met. Please pray for us now as we prepare for the test on April 5 as well as for the swift approval of our applications, which will soon follow.

Serving Christ Together,

Richie, Missy, Briton, and Isabella


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