Orricks to Wales

Orricks to Wales 

This past month was a whirlwind of emotions to say the least. To start things off, we finally reached the point in our ministry where we were able to take our “Life in the UK” exams, which a person is required to pass prior to applying for their “Indefinite Leave to Remain” Visas. This is very much a milestone in the ministry for us as we have looked forward to this opportunity for the past five years. We are overjoyed to share with you, that by the grace of God and the power of prayer, we both passed! Praise the Lord!

The celebration was short lived as we had to quickly turn our attention back to getting things ready for our Easter weekend and one of those things was a project involving the updating of the church’s outdoor space. For those who have been here to visit our ministry, you know how limited we are for space, especially for a place for the children in our church to enjoy despite the weather. That being said, we took out all the old rocks and bushes and had artificial grass installed in the courtyard. The kids absolutely love it!

Speaking of Easter services, we had a busy weekend with Good Friday services, a Sunday morning Resurrection celebration, and in the evening, we had 5 follow the Lord in baptism. The services were wonderful and the testimonies shared the night of the baptisms were so powerful. There were many unbelievers in attendance who clearly heard the Good News.

Another blessing we experienced this past month was a visit from a supporting church’s mission’s pastor, Michael, and his wife, Joanne. They were such a wonderful encouragement to our family as well as our church family and it was hard to see them leave. (Pictured at the bottom)

As we bring this letter to close, we want to share with you a very urgent prayer request. Just this past Friday, we were informed that our UK sponsor, which we are required to have in order to remain in the country, has had their sponsorship license suspended effective immediately. Without going into much detail, the reason behind it all involves the changing of the way Visa sponsorships are going to be allowed in the immediate future in the UK. This has been a complete shock as we are only days away from applying for our “Indefinite Leave to Remain” Visas. By the grace of God, the Lord led us to an immigration lawyer the very day we found out and he has decided to take our case. We are praying for a miracle and are asking you to fervently pray that somehow our Visas can still be swiftly and successfully approved. The Lord has already shown us how this battle belongs to Him as He so gloriously provided the necessary funds to pay the lawyer’s fees. We will keep you posted if and when we have any updates.

Serving Christ Together,
Richie, Missy, Briton, and Isabella


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