Orricks to Wales

Orricks to Wales

May 2021

Hello and happy May from the Orrick family. It is so hard to believe that another month has come and gone and as the days grow longer here in the country of Wales, they seem to go even faster. In our last letter, we shared with you how the Lord had provided in an amazing way through the faithful giving of so many of you for the fees involved with the renewal of our work visas. Just to keep you posted on our progress, towards the latter part of the month, we were able to get all of our paperwork submitted and all the fees paid. Praise the Lord! Now we await our back ground check to be done in the middle of May and from there we hope to have an answer soon. Please continue to pray that they would be approved successfully and swiftly.

On another positive note, our church family continues to grow spiritually and numerically. Just recently we had a man named Luke join, who started attending last fall, and another family in the church were blessed with a baby boy named, Charlie. Along with these additions, we also had a family start attending that has five children and the wife gave birth to their sixth just the other day. As we continue to grow, we ask that you continue to pray for the immediate need for more space. As mentioned in our last letter, we are praying that some nearby property would come available to rent or purchase or that we could look at redeveloping our existing building to meet the need.Again, we are praying for God’s guidance and wisdom to lead us to the right decision.

Speaking of prayer requests, we would also appreciate your prayers for Missy’s mom, Joan. Back on Easter weekend, she was taken to the hospital by ambulance. While in the hospital, the doctors discovered that her kidneys were failing. After much needed immediate care, they were able to get them functioning again which one doctor said was an “Easter miracle.” While there, they also discovered that one of the kidneys has a cancerous mass on it and the main artery in her leg, which has been paralyzed since her stroke in 2012, was 100% blocked. After an operation, they were able to open up the artery again and she will be going back for a follow up consultation this month regarding the concerns with her kidneys. Please keep Joan in prayer and for the doctors to determine what the best plan of action is needed to address the problem.

Serving Christ Together,
Richie, Missy, Briton, and Isabell

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